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SEC Teleconference Report - Mullen: Game week of season opener like 'Christmas morning'


FILE - Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen will open a season against a Bowl Championship Series opponent for the first time in five years with the Bulldogs.

FILE - Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen will open a season against a Bowl Championship Series opponent for the first time in five years with the Bulldogs. Photo by: Mississippi State University



Matt Stevens


STARKVILLE - Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen made his 2013 Southeastern Conference media teleconference debut. All three minutes and 45 seconds of it.  


This is not to deemphasize the SEC teleconference at all because it's part of the game-week process but in all honesty, that's pretty typical of the opening week of the season due to the local beat writers having basically a full month to ask Mullen anything and everything about his football team. Trust me, if you have thought of the topic, it's been asked in Starkville already. Everyone is just ready to tee the ball up and kick off the 2013 season and that apparently includes the coaches and players as Mullen proclaimed Wednesday on the teleconference.  


"We're ready to go play somebody else," Mullen said. "For coaches and players, it's almost like Christmas morning getting ready to start the football season." 




Here's some other noteworthy items of Mullen's teleconference appearance:  




- Mullen detailed the team's Friday routine for the game, which is somewhat interesting seeing as how the Bulldogs have never played in Reliant Stadium and MSU offensive coordinator Les Koenning said Monday getting his quarterbacks used to the environment will be priority number one when they arrive at the park. Mullen said MSU doesn't ever have a pre-game walk-through in the stadium in their routine for road games so they won't do it in Houston either. The University of Houston will be playing Southern University Friday night making a stadium walk-through nearly impossible anyway. 


"We come (to the Seal Family Football Complex) and have lunch, meetings and go walk-throughs here, shower, get on the plane, fly, get to the hotel, have a nice dinner at the hotel and the best Fridays in college football," Mullen said.  




- As consistent with his team's policy for the previous four seasons, Mullen said MSU will announce suspensions and players not making the trip for the season opener before kickoff on Saturday.  




- Mullen talked about how his defensive backs are fed up with hearing about Oklahoma State's high tempo 'Air Raid' offense in this matchup.  


"It's a great challenge for our guys (because) we have some young, talented players," Mullen said. "We have a lot of guys there that will be playing their first game for us. Jamerson Love is really our only guy with a lot of returning action for us at corner. As young players, they're excited or the challenge. They've been told and heard all summer, they're guys that have big shoes to fill and where the mismatch is for Oklahoma State. I hope they take that challenge and respond well to it Saturday." 




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