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GAMEDAY: Egg Bowl 2017




HALFTIME: Ole Miss 10, MSU 6 




Total Yards: MSU 185, Ole Miss 169 


Rushing Yards: MSU 141, Ole Miss 62 


Passing Yards: Ole Miss 107, MSU 44 


Yards Per Play: Both teams at 5.1 


3rd Down: Ole Miss 2-8, MSU 1-6 


Turnovers: MSU 3, Ole Miss 1 




Nick Fitzgerald: 1-5, 12 yards, 1 interception; 3 carries, 16 yards 


Keytaon Thompson: 3-5, 32 yards, 1 interception; 8 carries, 65 yards 


Aeris Williams: 12 carries, 41 yards; 1 catch, 20 yards 


Deddrick Thomas: 2 catches, 12 yards 


Jordan Thomas: 1 catch, 12 yards 




Johnathan Abram: 6 tackles 


Mark McLaurin: 4 tackles, 1 for a loss 


J.T. Gray: 3 tackles 


Erroll Thompson: 3 tackles, 1.5 sack each 




- On MSU's first possession, it ran four times and threw five times against an Ole Miss defense that's miserable against the run; since then MSU has run 22 times compared to 5 pass attempts. I smell a change afoot. 


- Now, let's give due credit to the defense for keeping MSU well within striking distance of this thing. The blocked punt by Jeffery Simmons, the forced fumble that gave MSU a last shot at the half, etc. My Twitter mentions make it seem like all hope was lost after that Fitzgerald injury, which I don't think I agree with, but this defense is doing its part, there's no doubt. It's bending some, sure, but all defenses bend against Ole Miss (except for Alabama's, apparently). 


- Ever since MSU let Keytaon Thompson go deep with that first pass attempt and he threw to a receiver I didn't think was all that open and threw it way, way too far, MSU's passing game has been entirely nonexistent. MSU is still relatively effective in the run game, but there's no denying that even the smallest bit of a passing threat would help some. The obvious way of doing that is the screen game and other short stuff, but doesn't it stand to reason that Ole Miss would expect that and scheme to it? (Granted, the halfback slip screen did get MSU in scoring range there at the end of the second quarter.) 




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