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Gameday Capsule: MSU at Georgia

Posted 2/14/2017 in Basketball

Basic info and notes of interest to get ready for the men's basketball game at Georgia



He Said It: Howland previews Georgia game

Posted 2/13/2017 in Basketball

Some miscellaneous quotes from Ben Howland before the Georgia game.



VIDEO: Howland discusses 9-0 run late in South Carolina loss

Posted 2/12/2017 in Basketball

MSU coach Ben Howland goes through what he saw in South Carolina's 9-0 run late in the Bulldogs' loss to the Gamecocks.



Instant Analysis: South Carolina 77, Mississippi State 73

Posted 2/11/2017 in Basketball

The loss dips Mississippi State to 14-10, 5-7 Southeastern Conference. The Bulldogs travel to Georgia on Saturday.



VIDEO: Cannizaro addresses preseason expectations, plan to beat them

Posted 2/11/2017 in Baseball

MSU baseball coach Andy Cannizaro discusses the preseason expectations for the 2017 Bulldogs and his reasons to believe they will exceed them.



Gameday Capsule: South Carolina at MSU

Posted 2/11/2017 in Basketball

Notes and info on MSU's home basketball game Saturday night



VIDEO: Howland downplays South Carolina coming off of 4 OT loss

Posted 2/10/2017 in Basketball

MSU coach Ben Howland downplays the potential impact of South Carolina coming to Starkville after a four-overtime loss to Alabama.



VIDEO: Howland explains technical fouls in Auburn loss

Posted 2/10/2017 in Basketball

Video of MSU coach Ben Howland explaining the two technical fouls his team was called for in the loss to Auburn and how he will coach the team going forward to avoid them in the future.



Quick Takeaways: MSU loses at Auburn

Posted 2/7/2017 in Basketball

Mississippi State fell under .500 in Southeastern Conference play with a 98-92 road loss to Auburn, by far MSU's most high-scoring game of the season. Here are a few things that stood out:



Grantham named MSU defensive coordinator

Posted 1/11/2017 in Football

STARKVILLE -- For the fourth-straight year, Mississippi State football coach Dan Mullen will have a new defensive coordinator.



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