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A year ago, she was just another nervous bride embarking on her honeymoon, making sure everything was perfect after she tied the proverbial knot in the final chapter of her simple "girl meets boy" love story. And a year later, regardless of the numerous accolades she's received orbeing half of one of the most famous married couples on this side of the Atlantic, Miranda Lambert is just a girl from Texas who makes a living as singer, albeit one of the most popular singers in the world.  




"I try to live a normal life as much as possible," Lambert said. "Living away from the activity and making my home in Oklahoma is a plus. I have a quiet life there and love spending time with my animals, family and friends. Where I live in Oklahoma, I am just 'Miranda' to the locals, and when I go to the feed store to buy stuff for my animals, they don't care that I sing for living. Living in the boonies is the great equalizer. When I get home and I see my dogs and my farm animals and just hang out, it reminds me of what matters, and that if the fame goes away I will still have people that I love and that love me back in my life."  




The past twelve months have been a whirlwind for Lambert, from her marriage to country singer Blake Shelton, to the release of her fourth and best-selling album "Four The Record," to winning "Album of the Year" at the American Country Music Awards, which found her in a category filled with the likes of Eric Church, Lady Antebellum, Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean.  




"I am still blown away by the other albums that were nominated for ACM Album of the Year -- they are all amazing pieces of art and I am so humbled that mine was even in the category with those, let alone that it won," Lambert said. "Winning awards is a huge thrill and honor, especially winning 'Album of the Year' because it means that my record was embraced by my peers in the industry while my fans paid hard-earned money for it to help make it so successful. I put so much into my albums that I consider them my babies and I love making music that other people seem to enjoy. I always hope the audience will be as inspired by the song choices as I am. I am so blessed to get to do what I love for a living, and winning awards just puts it over the top. I try to take my career one day at a time and thoroughly appreciate all the good moments as they come. "  








From her humble beginnings in Lindale, Texas, to her reign as a modern day country queen, there is nothing meteoric about Lambert's rise to fame. Instead, Lambert used a more methodical approach, grounded in hard work and determination, in her climb to the top. Originally labeled as something of an "outlaw" because of her straight forward approach to song writing and her tough stance against infidelity and domestic abuse, Lambert has matured into an artist along the lines of Loretta Lynn, leaving a much smaller chip on her shoulder.  




"It is natural for a person to change a lot during their twenties," she said. "With my first album, 'Kerosene,' I had a lot to say and probably a bit of a chip on my shoulder. I have learned so much since then about life and the music industry, so for my newest album, 'Four the Record,' I incorporated songs that reflect the many different parts of my personality. I am still the fiery girl I was on 'Kerosene,' so I have new songs like 'Fastest Girl In Town,' which I wrote with my fellow Pistol Annie, Angaleena Presley. But I also wanted folks to know that I have grown up a bit since then and am settled and happy, so there are songs like 'Oklahoma Sky' and 'Safe'."  








"Four The Record" has been career-defining for Lambert, with two number one hits, including the album's lead single, "Baggage Claim."  




" I channeled my inner Beyonce on 'Baggage Claim' and just got into the groove of the song," Lambert said emphatically. "I love playing around at my shows with how I deliver its bold lyrics."  




The album's second single, "Over You," was co-written with Shelton. With a stirring emotional performance of the song during the ACM Awards and a haunting video in heavy rotation, the song about death, loss and grief has become Lambert's signature song.  




"You know, having 'Over You' as my current single has actually been a healing process, not only for Blake as it honors his brother's memory --we wrote it about his brother's horrible car accident -- but also for me as I experienced some losses as well earlier this year," said Lambert. "I've learned that it is all right to cry when you need to cry and to accept the emotional support of others. I'm just lucky enough to have arenas full of awesome fans to act as an extended support system."  








It's those "arenas of awesome fans" that keep Lambert on the road night after night. She will be bringing her "On Fire" tour to the Landers Center in Southaven May 18. Lambert said concert attendees can expect a few surprises.  




"I always try to throw some rocking cover songs into my sets and I've been known to cover everything from Tom Petty to Lady Gaga to Creedence Clearwater Revival and Aretha Franklin," Lambert said. "I usually bring out my support acts for a fun cover song at the end of my show too. I love exposing folks to amazing songs that they might not have heard before."  












How to Go:  




Miranda Lambert On Fire Tour with Chris Young, Jerrod Niemann & the Pistol Annies  




Friday, May 18  




4560 Venture Drive  








(662) 280-9120  


















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