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Copper burglars steal about $100,000 worth from Columbus company


Ryan Poe


The contents of this article have been modified since its original posting.


Copper burglars struck again over the weekend at Columbus-based Air Control Engineering Inc., marking the fourth break-in in two months and bringing losses up to nearly $100,000 for the mechanical contractor. 


The burglars, who were described only as driving a black car, also broke into the company''s 1119 Pridmoor Drive facility over the weekends of June 11 and July 16, and Tuesday, July 19, said Police Public Information Officer Terrie Songer. 


Surveillance video showed the burglars arrived in a black car hours after employees had left for the day, and stayed about two hours, she said. 


"They took everything," she said, including tubing from trailers at the facility. 


Although no one was in custody for the burglaries this morning, Songer said officers were following up on "numerous tips" today. 


Air Control Engineering Inc., is one of the larger mechanical contractors in the area and has worked on several high-profile projects, including the Colvard Student Union at Mississippi State University and the Fine Arts Building at the Mississippi University for Women. 


Its president, Lynn Robinson, could not immediately be reached for comment.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 7/25/2011 4:46:00 PM:

So am I reading this right? The crooks STAYED there for about 2 hours??

Wow! Time to load the guns boys.


Article Comment homer commented at 7/25/2011 6:41:00 PM:

Time to fire the police chief!!!!!!!!!! Oh we already did that. Now what do we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job council.


Article Comment kj commented at 7/25/2011 10:51:00 PM:

I think after the 2nd or 3rd break in I might have sat myself down on a bucket with a shotgun across my knees. You only have to shoot one set of these guys to give the rest serious pause.


Article Comment melody commented at 7/26/2011 8:32:00 AM:

Please mark this day on your calendar--I clicked on like under kj's comment.


Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 7/27/2011 7:15:00 AM:

LMAO @ homer


Article Comment critical eye commented at 7/27/2011 9:49:00 AM:

OK, let me get this straight. $100k of copper at what, $3/pound scrap value, equals about 33,000 pounds of material? In four trips? no mention of a trailer or missing trailer?

Ima thinkin' that the company's inventory control is way out of control or they are turning a profit via insurance.


Article Comment towerdog58 commented at 7/27/2011 10:08:00 AM:


guess you think that since the copper was likely sold at a scrap yard all it is worth is 3.00 a pound. I use copper products and wish I could buy it at 3.00 a pound however i buy it by the foot @ over 10.00 a foot. now it only weights .80 a foot. guess when it is stolen off a job or out of a warehouse it is just worth scrap price. there are really some dull tools in the shed.


Article Comment raider commented at 7/27/2011 12:23:00 PM:

I got a feeling this may be an inside job. People that show up multiple times and stay a couple of hours each time don't seem very concerned with being caught. I would think that by the third trip they would be worried about extra police patrols, a new security officer or additional camera security unless they had information to let them know not to worry about it.


Article Comment frank commented at 7/27/2011 1:19:00 PM:

"Please mark this day on your calendar--I clicked on like under kj's comment."



Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 7/27/2011 7:44:00 PM:

Raider, anywhere else I might agree, but in Columbus? Not so much.


Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 7/28/2011 8:14:00 AM:

Why is it you can't get hot food from fast food places in this town? McDonalds, Wendy's, Hardee's and Burger King in East Columbus seldom, if ever, hand out hot food. Most of the time it is barely above room temperature, which is a violation of Food Service Handling Codes not to mention dangerous to the public. And where is the Health Department inspectors during all of this? They claim to visit these places every six months but if you go to these dumps on any given day at any given time you'll be handed cold food that should have been hot.

So how come they don't know about it and do something about it?

And you can save your voice by not bothering to complain to the management about it. All you'll get is lip service, and a coupon for more cold food.

So why does the fast food places in East Columbus suck so badly, and why do they refuse to address the issue?


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