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DePriest company files bankruptcy


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A new complication has entered civil cases involving local businessman Donald DePriest. 


Maritime Communications/Land Mobile LLC, a company of which Donald DePriest has been involved and his wife, Sandra DePriest is president, has filed bankruptcy. 


The company already was under investigation by the Federal Communications Commission, along with MCT Corp., for various reasons, including whether or not Don DePriest was involved in a Ponzi scheme or committed fraud. The bankruptcy was filed on Aug. 1. 


A defamation lawsuit filed last year by Donald DePriest, who lives in Columbus, is on hold indefinitely. Federal Judge Allen Pepper previously continued the case, which was set for a November jury trial, pending the results of the FCC investigation. Pepper last week continued the case indefinitely. 


Donald DePriest filed suit against Nashville, Tenn., businessman Peter Harmer for more than $20 million, claiming Harmer, a former business associate of Donald DePriest, has been trying to ruin his reputation and interfere in his business relationships.




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Article Comment [email protected] commented at 8/9/2011 1:54:00 PM:

must be nice to be so wealthy and live in such magnificent homes and still get to file bankruptcy.


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