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Starkville alderman continues to vote ‘nay’


Tim Pratt



STARKVILLE -- Roy A. Perkins has been on the Starkville Board of Aldermen for 16 years. 


In that time, the Ward 6 representative often has voted against his fellow board members, as countless 6-1 votes can be found in city records. 


Now, Perkins is continuing the trend as the current board finishes its last few weeks in office and prepares for five new members, plus a new mayor. 


Perkins vowed Tuesday to vote against any new policies the current board might consider over the next few weeks. In his opinion, new policies should be taken up by the next administration. 


"As of yesterday, we were only 35 days away from the next mayor and Board of Aldermen taking office," Perkins said Wednesday morning, noting "the 12th hour of this administration" is not the time to make long-term decisions. 


Perkins Tuesday was the lone dissenting voice when the board voted on amendments to a city policy that establishes a process for appointing people to city boards, commissions and committees. 


"The way I understand it, most official appointments will come during the next administration," Perkins said. "The next mayor and board should have the opportunity to have their own input into policy making for the city of Starkville. I think this (current) board should forego any future policy making." 


Perkins also was the lone dissenting voice when the board voted on a policy to establish a process for governmental entities or government-funded organizations that want to put pamphlets or inserts in the mail with Starkville Electric Department bills. The entities now will have to go through the Board of Aldermen to get the Electric Department to include inserts in customers'' bills. 


Perkins suggested language where the cost of the inserts should be paid in advance and the board went along with it, even though he ultimately voted against the policy. 


But Perkins did vote Tuesday to approve an application for a $937,538 Community Development Block Grant, which would be used to help pay for a new fire station. He also offered an amendment to proposed language in the resolution because it said Mayor Dan Camp would sign all papers and documents. 


Fearing all the necessary paperwork might not be finished by the time the current board and mayor leave office, Perkins suggested language in the application be changed simply to "the mayor," instead of specifying Camp''s name. 


Despite his reputation as the loner, Perkins says his decisions since taking a board seat in 1993 have been based solely on what he believes are in the best interests of Ward 6 and the city as a whole. 





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