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WEST POINT -- A small community in Pheba now can enjoy the amenities we often take for granted -- running water for a shower or to cook, without driving a mile and a half to pump H2O from a well. 


During the Clay County Board of Supervisors'' regular meeting Thursday morning, the board was informed the residents of Billy White Road in Pheba have running water. The project, funded through a $100,000 Emergency Community Development Block Grant, is near completion. 


"These people are hooked up, and from what I understand ... now have water," said Patsy Patterson of the Golden Triangle Planning and Development District. "The people out there are very, very excited. This is the kind of project which can make you feel pretty good." 


The residents of Billy White Road have been without a source of water since an underground well collapsed several years ago. Since then, many of the residents have turned to extreme measures to keep the water in their sinks flowing. 


A few families resorted to hauling huge tanks to another water source and filling them. The tanks would then be hooked up to a water pump which pumped the liquid into their homes. This process took hours and had to be done several times a week. 


Now, the cumbersome water pumps and tanks finally can be retired. 


A public hearing announcing the finalization of the project is scheduled for Feb. 26 at 10 a.m. at the Clay County Courthouse.




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