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Wiseman's funding dwarfed mayoral opponents


Tim Pratt



STARKVILLE -- A look at the campaign finance reports from the Starkville municipal election this spring shows a significant disparity in the amount of contributions made to each candidate.  


Incoming Mayor Parker Wiseman received more than $43,000 in donations, which dwarfed his competition, according to campaign finance reports filed with the city clerk''s office. 


Republican Marnita Henderson, who lost to Wiseman June 2 in the general election, received just $7,178 in political contributions.  


Matt Cox, who lost to Wiseman in the Democratic runoff election May 19, had received $24,250 as of May 13, which were the last figures available.  


Incumbent Mayor Dan Camp, who lost to Cox and Wiseman in the Democratic primary election on May 5, received $21,473.98 as of May 1. Camp then donated $1,000 to Wiseman''s campaign prior to the general election.  


Wiseman also received a $970.70 contribution from Brooks Holstein, developer of the proposed CottonMill Marketplace project. Holstein had made a $500 donation to Camp prior to the primary election. 


The disparity in financial contributions was smaller among incoming Board of Aldermen members. 


Incoming Ward 1 Alderman Ben Carver received $2,100 in contributions as of May 26, which were the last available figures. 


Sandra Sistrunk, who will replace Rodney Lincoln as Ward 2 alderman, received $1,730.14 in contributions.  


Incoming Ward 3 Alderman Eric Parker brought in $3,225 in contributions, while incumbent Ward 4 Alderman Richard Corey received $950. 


In Ward 5, Jeremiah Dumas received $3,079.99, as of May 26, while in Ward 7 incoming Alderman Henry Vaughn Sr. reported $860 in contributions.  


Unopposed Vice Mayor and Ward 6 Alderman Roy A. Perkins reported no donations as of April 9. 




A listing of itemized contributions over $200 reported by candidates for mayor, and the winning alderman candidates: 




Mayor Parker Wiseman 


Campaign contributions 


Parker and Lindsey Wiseman, Starkville: $1,100 


Jeremy Slocum, Homewood, Ala.: $1,000 


Roy and Amy Smith, Jackson: $1,000 


Ben Needham, Washington D.C.: $500 


Sid Salter, Forrest: $500 


Alex Karr, Alexandria, Va.: $485.20 


James and Claire Haltom, Memphis, Tenn.: $425 


Gabe Roberts, Nashville, Tenn.: $400 


David O''Neal, Atlanta, Ga.: $300 


Vollor Law Firm, Starkville: $300 


Sara Peters, Tupelo: $672.22 


Ruth Thompson, Chapel Hill, N.C.: $300 


Sean Cupit, Jackson: $250 


Conrad Lucas, Huntington, W.V.: $250 


WM Yeager, Jackson: $250 


McLaurin Law Firm, Brandon: $250 


Ben Lang, Oxford: $248.25 


Kelly McWhirter, New Orleans, La.: $200 


Russell Jolly, Houston: $200 


Ben Mount, Durham, N.C.: $200 


John and Shirley Harper, Starkville: $200 


Stephen Edds, Flowood: $200 


Baker Donaldson MS PAC, Jackson: $200 


Everett Kennard, Starkville: $200 


Tommie Cardin, Clinton: $200 


May Needham, Laurel: $2,500 


Marc Harrold, Fairfax, Va.: $290.70 


Brandon and Natalie Jolly, Madison: $200 


Bryan Champlin, Starkville: $350 


Blake Macon, Arlington, Va.: $1,500 


Ben Needham, Washington D.C.: $2,500 


Linda Southward, Starkville: $400 


Cindy Stevens, Alexandria, Va.: $485.20 


Andrew Ouart, Oxford: $250 


Welch Entertainment LLC, Starkville: $500 


Brad Morris, U.S. Congress Chief of Staff: $564.92 


J.C. Patton Jr., Starkville: $300 


Bill Smith, Jackson: $500 


Crawley Law Office, Louisville: $500 


Lorenzo Crowell, Starkville: $500 


Kitty Henry, Starkville: $1,637 


Linda Southward $100 (as of 5/17, that''s 400 aggregate) 


William C. Reeves, Jackson: $500 


Danny Cupit, Jackson: $250 


Dan Camp, Starkville: $1,000 


William Liston, Winona: $500 


D. Brooks Holstein, Biloxi: $970.70 


Sean Cupit, Jackson: $242.45 


John K. Davis, Starkville: $500 


Jeremy Slocum, Homewood, Ala.: $500 


Kitty Henry, Starkville: $250 


Carl and Lynda Nuzzo, Starkville: $400 


J & J Fitness, Starkville: $400 


Total: $43,164.96 (year-to-date as of June 1) 




Republican mayoral candidate Marnita Henderson 


Campaign contributions: 


Mary Catherine Cole, Starkville: $500 


Charles and Marnita Henderson, Starkville, $2,100 


Charles Scarbrough, Starkville: $500 


Dan and Sherry Moreland, Starkville: $500 


Kitty Henry, Starkville: $400 


Total: $7,178 (year-to-date as of June 6) 




Democratic mayoral candidate Matt Cox 


Campaign contributions: 


Janice Rhodes, Starkville: $500 


E.B. White III, Starkville: $1,000 


S.P. Vance, Starkville: $250 


Ron Cossman, Starkville: $202 


Starkville Computers, Starkville: $500 


Jeffrey Rupp, Starkville: $201 


Mike Buehler, Starkville: $1,250 


Mike Tagert, Starkville: $300 


Lewko Properties, Starkville: $2,500 


Milo Interactive, Starkville: $2,500 


Tom Stennis, Starkville: $500 


Ben and Amy West, Starkville: $250 


Skip and Gwen Shelton, Starkville: $1,000 


Total: $24,250 (year-to-date as of May 13) 




Incumbent Mayor Dan Camp 


Campaign contributions: 


Frank Chiles, Starkville: $250 


Tommie Zacharias, Starkville: $300 


Dan Templeton, Decatur, Ga.: $250 


William Defoe, Ridgeland: $250 


Opal Austin, Starkville: $250 


J.P. Doss, Maben: $500 


Will Lake, Starkville: $500 


Richard Puckett, Jackson: $1,000 


Harry Bell III, Starkville: $250 


Rowan Taylor, Jackson: $1,000 


J.C. Patton, Starkville: $500 


Patrick Bryan, Starkville: $500 


Jay Colbert, Houston: $500 


Roy Parker, Bolton: $500 


HM Williams Construction, Tupelo: $300 


William Smith, Jackson: $500 


William Reeves, Jackson: $500 


Brooks Holstein, Biloxi: $500 


Richard Adkerson, Phoenix, Ariz.: $1,000 


David Crawley III, Louisville: $700 


Dan Camp, Starkville: $680 


Gemma Camp, Starkville: $923.98 (in-kind services) 


Alliance Business Services, Ridgeland: $750 (in-kind printing) 


First State Bank, Waynesboro: $1,000 


Tommy Siler Jr., Ridgeland: $250 


Total: $21,473.98 (year-to-date as of June 1) 




Ward 1 Alderman Ben Carver 


Campaign contributions: 


Total: $2,100 (year-to-date as of May 26) 




Ward 2 Alderman Sandra Sistrunk 


Campaign contributions: 


Total: $1,730.14 (year-to-date as of June 10) 




Ward 3 Alderman Eric Parker 


Campaign contributions: 


Total: $3,225 (year-to-date as of May 23) 




Ward 4 Alderman Richard Corey 


Campaign contributions: 


Total: $950 (year-to-date as of May 26) 




Ward 5 Alderman Jeremiah Dumas 


Campaign contributions: 


James Russell Dumas Jr., Prentiss: $500 


Total: $3,079.99 (year-to-date as of May 26) 




Ward 6 Alderman Roy A. Perkins 


Campaign contributions: 


Total: $0 (year-to-date as of April 9) 




Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn Sr. 


Campaign contributions: 


Total: $860 (year-to-date as of April 27) 




Figures provided by the Starkville city clerk''s office




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