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Building permits 3-21-13


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


March 12- 18 


  • Home Options, LLC; 2207 5th St. N.; Repairs; Bob Lucroy Renovation 


  • Home Options, LLC; 2213 5th St. N.; Repairs; Bob Lucroy Renovation 


  • Family Dollar Store; 1412 Main St.; Sign; Rainbow Signs 


  • Janesville Acoustics; 221 Fabertek Road; Foundation; Same 


  • Bob Carroll; 919 Ruffin Road; Repairs after Fire; Dale McNees 


  • Columbus Public Library; 314 7th St. N.; Banner; Same 


  • Annette Marshall; 1316 20th St. N.; Privacy Fence; Same 


  • Jerry Beard; 572 Plymouth Road; Demolish House; Same 


  • Judon Phillips; 923 6th Ave. N.; Exterior Repairs; Same 


  • Tonia Colvin; 1904 15th Ave. N.; Repairs after Fire; A-Mc Construction 


  • Jim Frerer; 420 Main St.; Renovate 2nd Floor Apartment; Renovation of Mississippi  


  • Sanders Oil Company; 2246 Military Road; Fence; Same 


  • Scott Bromley; 1514 Hickory Lane; New Plumbing and Gas; Scott Rushing 


  • Robert Smith; 624 5th St. S.; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Metals USA; 751 Island Road; Sewer Inspection; John Caddis 


  • Janell Brown; 414 Forrest Court; Sewer Inspection; John Caddis 


  • Frank Loftis; 820 7th Ave. N.; Sewer Inspection; Harold Pounders 


  • Robert Ford; 804 19th Ave. N.; Sewer Inspection; John Caddis 


  • James Samuels; 94 Crepe Myrtle; Mechanical Addition; Progressive Heating and Air 


  • Johnny Latham; 1808 7th Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Riverhill Properties; 2112 14th Ave. N., Apt. A & B; Electrical Inspection; George Beavers 


  • Phillip Long; 508 Dublin Drive; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


  • Barbara Lewis; 804 Remunda Drive; Electrical Inspection; Owner 


  • Michael D. Miller; 328 Florence St.; New Electrical Service; Owner 


  • Willie Carter; 1104 Railroad St.; Electrical Inspection; Dan Weathers 


  • Christy's Hamburger; 710 Alabama St.; New Electrical Service; Robert Johnston 


  • R.O. Richardson; 306 Forrest Blvd. Apt. 11; Electrical Inspection; Gordon Via 


  • R.O. Richardson; 306 Forrest Blvd. Apt. 32; Electrical Inspection; Gordon Via 


  • Rent-A- Center; 2321 Highway 45 N., Unit 1; Electrical Addition; Gordon Via 


  • James Samuel; 94 Crepe Myrtle; Electrical Addition; Tommy Gore 


  • Curtis Stewart; 1008 7th St. S.; New Electrical; Jimmy Chism 


  • Tonia Colvin; 1904 15th Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Benny McClure 




    Lowndes County 


    March 13 


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