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Town: OK to boo, politely, at board meetings


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RIVERHEAD, N.Y. -- A New York town's board members have decided it's OK to boo at their meetings -- but only if it's done politely. 


The Riverhead board voted to ban booing earlier this month. But Newsday reports that the board voted 4-1 on Tuesday to strike the anti-boo rule from the books. 


The board on Long Island retained another part of its code. That part prohibits disruptive behavior and disruptive demonstrations. 


No explanation was given on how to boo without being disruptive. 


Councilman James Wooten says the town supervisor should be able to keep order at a meeting without written rules. 


Supervisor Sean Walter defends the intent of the anti-booing rule. He says there are similar regulations in towns across New York state.




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