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Building permits 5-9-13


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


April 30- May 6 


  • Wendy Robison; 515 Redwood St.; New Electrical Service; Paul Livingston 


  • Evelyn Gillis/Anne Gillis Burkart; 1002 11th Ave. N.; New Electrical Service; Jimmy Chism 


  • Robinson Property Management; 1512 5th St. N.; New Electrical Service; George Beavers 


  • Jimmy Graham; 311 Yorkville Park Square; New Electrical Service; Paul Guerry 


  • Wesley C. Swain; 1211 12th Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Owner 


  • Bud Phillips; 501 7th St. N., Suite 5 A & B; Electrical Inspection; Gordon Via  


  • William & Dorothy Taylor; 807 Hemlock S.; Electrical Inspection; Vertis Lee 


  • Tom Seymour; 601 Airline Road; Gas Inspection; J.C. Evans 


  • Joe Eggleston; 1401 4th Ave. N.; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Marcel Hill; 208 McHall Drive; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Kim Brook; 310 11th St. N.; Reroofing; Major Andrews 


  • Stokes Beard Elementary; 311 Martin Luther King Drive; Repairs; Sanderson Construction 


  • Community Counseling; 1001 Main St.; Banner; Same 


  • Metals USA; 751 Island Road; Alterations; T & M Steel 


  • Corey Herring Automotive; 1230 Gardner Blvd.; Sign; Same 


  • Contact Helpline 1829 Highway 45 N.; Banner; Same 


  • Paul Davis; 403 15th St. S.; Repairs to 2nd Floor; Same 




    Lowndes County 


    April 16- May 6 


  • Not available at press time.




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