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Columbus and Lowndes County Building permits 6-27-13


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


June 18-24 


  • Jose Contreras; 3106 Military Road; Brick Columns; Same 


  • Southern Ionics, Inc.; 1825 Port Access Road; New Building; Burks-Modecai 


  • Sylvester Marks; 1517 Third Ave. N.; Reroofing; Same 


  • Brickyard Properties; 70 Brickerton St., Suite 72 & 74; Renovate; Conn Construction 


  • Tony Collier; 401 Fifth St. S.; Porch; Same 


  • Johnny and Hattie Richey; 2305 Bell Ave.; Demolish Porch; Same 


  • Randy and Jeanne McGee; 138 Hickory Ridge; New Single Family House; Same 


  • Christina Fondren; 104 Curtis Road; Mechanical; Progressive Heating and Cooling 


  • Regions Bank; 2114 Highway 45 N.; Mechanical Replacement; Joey Simmons 


  • Regions Bank; 108 Alabama St.; Mechanical Replacement; Joey Simmons 


  • Sharon Weems; 114 Crepe Myrtle; New Electrical Service; Jimmy Chism 


  • Justin Shelton; 1002 Ninth St. N.; Electrical Inspection; Same 


  • Belvin Rodgers; 112 Tuscaloosa Road; Electrical Inspection; Richard Doughty 


  • Remax Property; 1103 10th Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Dan Weathers 


  • Cherry Williams; 509 15th Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Vertis Lee 


  • Buddy Parker; 602 Third Ave. S.; Gas Inspection; Jeff Swedenburg 


  • Gene Reid; 1515 Seminole Road; Gas Inspection; Dale Brewer 


  • Johnny Latham; 719 20th St. N.; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Jeanette Morris; 920 Waterworks Road; Gas Inspection; Leroy Langford 


  • Randy & Jeanne McGee; 138 Hickory Ridge; New Plumbing and Gas; Same 




    Lowndes County 


    June 19-26 


  • Ricky Nickoles; 3805 Highway 373; Set Up Mobile Home; Owner 


  • Roger Holland; 110 Nobel Lane; Set Up Mobile Home; Owner 


  • Ricky Nickoles; 3805 Highway 373; Move Mobile Home; Wheel Estate Housing 


  • Ruthie McMullen Farley; 486 E. Minnie Vaughn Road; Remodel-Fire Damage; Owner 


  • Roger Holland; 110 Nobel Lane; Move Mobile Home; Alan's Mobile Home 


  • Greg and Alicia Andrews; 85 Cobh Lane; Construct Single Family Residence; Don White Construction 


  • Darrel Carter; 1356 Sanders Mill Road; Addition to Single Family Residence; Owner




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