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Local schools make gains over last year’s test scores


Kristin Mamrack



Despite state test results, released Friday, that show local districts are lagging behind the state average in some areas, local school district officials are noting improvements from last year''s results. 


"For example, students in seventh-grade language arts made a 12 percentage-point gain in number of students scoring proficient and advanced over the previous year''s scores," said Columbus Municipal School District Testing Coordinator Dr. Myra Gillis. "Cook (Fine Arts Magnet School) fourth-grade math increased the percentage of students scoring Proficient and Advanced by more than 20 percentage points. 


"In other areas we''ve experienced some declines that are causing us to revisit the curriculum and the teaching strategies in search of a more effective way to deliver instruction," she added. 


Test results indicate Columbus Municipal School District and Lowndes County School District students mostly fell behind the state average for students performing at proficient and advanced. 


CMSD had a lower percentage of students -- grades three through eight -- test at proficient or advanced levels in language arts and mathematics than the average for third- through eighth-graders throughout the state, according to recently released Mississippi Curriculum Test 2 results. 


In LCSD, a higher percentage of third- through fifth-graders tested at proficient or advanced levels in language arts and mathematics than the state average. 


But LCSD sixth- through eighth-graders tended to fall behind the state''s average for proficient or advanced levels. 


Also, Subject Area Testing Program results show CMSD students behind the state average for students passing in all four subject areas -- algebra, history, biology and English -- and LCSD students behind in two areas, algebra and biology. LCSD was ahead of the state average for English and history.




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Article Comment observer2 commented at 8/29/2009 12:19:00 PM:

Children always follow someone.
The leaders of our city have a four day work week mentality. That alone tells me and everybody else who knows about us that most of the people in our town don't like to study and work hard. It's not very productive either in reguards to the condition of our streets. The appearance of our city residential areas is embarrassing when out of towners visit. Our school children see and follow. When their leaders want to take 3 day week ends to the coast every week or just lay around the house doing nothing, that seems to be a good mentality to have so they follow suit by not working hard in school and ignore home work, monkey see monkey do, right. Just do enough to get by and stay afloat-not really caring about being the best that they can be. The county leaders are just as bad. When one person can remain in a supervisor position for over 25 years with no better leadership qualities than when he first began, something needs to change. Too many fat cats in leadership positions.
God bless our teachers, black and white. They are dedicated to their work. No four day mentality there. Too bad their hands are tied behind their backs in reguard to discipline. Parents need to stand behind the teachers like in the old days--if I got a paddleing at school ,I got another one when I got home.


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