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Swine flu cases on the rise at MSU


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The number of probable H1N1 cases at Mississippi State University is still on the rise.  


The university''s FluWatch Web site Friday reported 136 probable cases of H1N1, or "swine flu," on campus. The tally was 109 on Thursday and 84 on Wednesday. 


The university''s Health Center this week was distributing masks to students who came in with flu-like symptoms. Mississippi State officials also distributed thousands of the masks to residence halls for students displaying symptoms.  


Among other precautionary steps, the university put FluWatch door hangars and magnets in residence halls, FluWatch decals on mirrors in campus restrooms, posters all over campus and advertisements in shuttles. 


The university also will put public service announcements on campus TV and radio, along with a statewide news release.  


For more information on the H1N1 outbreak at Mississippi State, visit




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Reader Comments

Article Comment jomo commented at 8/24/2009 9:22:00 AM:

I don't know who's doing the Case Counting there..but They Counted WRONG.
The REAL official count, from 603, and CLIMBING. and that's just the Students, not counting ALL OTHERS that work on Campus, That's just the Number of Cases Reported.
The Students we talked to, says the Chinese Students, admitt bringing the Flu here..hmmmmmmmm, not good.


Article Comment Becky commented at 8/25/2009 11:31:00 PM:

I wish someone would explain the use of the word "PROBABLE" at the beginning of this article. I've made phone calls to both my OB and Pediatrician and what they've both told me is that all of the flu tests being administered right now can confirm only "Seasonal Flu", NOT the strain known as H1N1; and in order to confirm that someone has the H1N1 strain, the positive test has to be sent to the state of MS for further testing, but that the state health dept. is no longer doing these tests! Please report the facts and report them clearly.


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