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Building permits 10-10-13


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


Oct. 1-7 


  • Glen Hardin; 1121 Third Ave. N., Apt. 6; Repairs; Houseworks 


  • Robbie J. and Ana Montet; 3316 John Hancock; Reroofing; Same 


  • Gail Lone; 113 Sleepy Hollow Drive; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler 


  • Doug Croke; 1707 Seventh St. N.; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler 


  • Bobby Richardson; 3627 Azalea Circle; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler  


  • Tom Cooley; 2627 Stidman Circle; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler 


  • Eleanor Lacklin; 82 Fernwood Cove; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler  


  • Gary Shaw; 521 Catalpa St.; Reroofing; Doug Wheeler 


  • Mike Stephens; 1723 Forrest Hill Drive; Addition; Same 


  • Rod Bobo; 422 Springdale Drive; Reroofing; Excellent Roofing 


  • Hudson Adams; 269 Lintel Road; New Single Family House; Same 


  • Roy Jones; 2507 22nd Ave.; New Mechanical; J.C. Evans 


  • Southern Ionics, Inc.; 1825 Port Access Road; New Mechanical; Advance Air 


  • Jamie Ash; 1210 Waterworks Road; Electrical Inspection; Vertis Lee 


  • Deivdre Jamison; 723 Seventh St. S.; Electrical Inspection; Vertis Lee 


  • Premier Ford/Quick Lube; 2212 Highway 45 N.; New Electrical; Robert Mercier 


  • Mike Stephens; 1723 Forest Hill Drive; Electrical Addition; Owner 


  • Debra Brown; 1420 Eighth Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Joseph Harris 


  • Patricia Winters; 706 Seventh St. N.; Plumbing Inspection; Chris Hogue 


  • Rachael Gamache; 1421 College St.; Plumbing Inspection; Harold Browning 


  • Mike Stephens; 1723 Forrest Hill Drive; Plumbing Inspection; Same 


  • SL Properties; 412 Wynhurst Court; Gas Inspection; Jeff Swedenburg 




    Lowndes County 


    Oct. 1-9 


  • Tyler and Brittany Wallace; 402 Seed Tick Road; Set Up Mobile Home; Owner 


  • Shawn Stone; 340 Lakeover Drive W.; Construct Storage Shop; Owner 


  • Tyler and Brittany Wallace; 402 Seed Tick Road; Move Mobile Home; Wheel Estate Housing 


  • Steve Wallace; 1204 Pleasant Hill Road; Construct Storage Shop; Owner 


  • David Davis; Daylilly Drive; Construct Duplex; Jedidiah Davis




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