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Injured wagon driver gets 'flood' of support


Neal Wagner



Donors from all over the country have shown an "outpouring of support" for a New Hampshire man injured when an 18-wheeler struck his horse-drawn recreational vehicle near the Noxubee-Kemper county line shortly before noon, Tuesday. 


"We have been absolutely flooded with calls from people from here, New Hampshire and all over the country wanting to donate to the fund," said Brandie Graham, an employee at Citizens National Bank in Macon. 


Bob Skelding, 49, sustained non life-threatening head injuries after a tanker truck struck his horse-drawn RV while both were traveling on Highway 45 South, according to the Mississippi Highway Patrol. The RV was destroyed, and two of Skelding''s four horses -- Deedee and Dollie -- died. Skelding remained in a Meridian hospital this morning. 


After the wreck, the Macon Beacon newspaper and Citizens bank in Macon set up an aid fund for Skelding and his surviving horses. While bank officials were not able to reveal the exact amount donated to the fund, they said many donations have been "steadily flowing" into the fund since Tuesday. 


"There is definitely a lot of interest in it," Graham said. "We have been taking calls left and right from people concerned about Mr. Skelding and his horses." 


Public interest in Skelding''s surviving horses, Doc and Joyce, also has been high since the wreck.  


"The horses are doing fine today. They are actually out grazing right now," said Kathy Allen, an employee at Dr. William Calvert''s Veterinary Clinic in DeKalb, who is caring for the horses. "We have been getting a lot of calls from people concerned about the horses. 


"Some people call wanting to donate, and we direct them to the Citizens National Bank," Allen added. "There is definitely a lot of interest." 


Interest also has been high on several Internet sites. Since the accident, about 4,680 people have signed Skelding''s guest book at More than 200 people have posted blog comments on in response to stories about the accident. 


Citizens National Bank continues to accept donations for Skelding''s aid fund. Anyone who wishes to donate to the fund should call 662-726-5861, mail a check to Citizens National Bank at P.O. Box 426, Macon, MS, 39341, or visit any Mississippi Citizens National Bank. Checks should be made out to "The Bob Skelding Wagonteamster Benefit Fund."




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Vicki commented at 2/13/2009 7:32:00 PM:

I live in Parkers CrossRoads ,just out side of Lexington Tennessee,and I know Mr. BoB had the triangle sign and a flashing red light on the back of his RV when he came through here. SO I know that he was within the law as far as having the correct signels.


Article Comment Robert Reeves commented at 2/14/2009 11:18:00 AM:

So far as I know, there is a law in every state that states that you not over drive you vision. For example, over driving your headlights, it means the same things. Have your vehicle under control so that you can avoid hitting the unexpected.


Article Comment Laurie commented at 2/14/2009 4:29:00 PM:


My prayers go out to Bob, but also to the trucker and his family. Whoever was right or wrong (Bob driving a slow vehicle on a fast road, the trucker maybe going too fast), they are both humans, and the driver of the rig must be feeling a lot of pain also. Praying for this person as well, and for forgiveness and healing for all.


Article Comment Donna commented at 2/14/2009 9:48:00 PM:

Bob stayed with us at our home in Ohio. A great, honest man. The horses were some of the gentlest that I've been around. It is hard to NOT feel hostility towards the driver,and I do realize that he probably feels pretty crummy right now, along with answering alot of questions with his employer and insurance company; but the question I have for him is: If truck #1 pulled over into the left lane, and then truck #2 pulled over into the left lane . . . did you even wonder for a moment WHY they were pulling over left??? Hello, big truck, high speed . . . ya gotta be paying some kind of attention to what you are doing. A little cynical I guess, but I've been buzzed so many times driving my truck and trailer and almost killed when a truck pushed me onto the inside berm of a highway with a 30 ft embankment looking at us! Other truckers were screaming at him over the CB and yet we drove alongside each other for a quarter of a mile. Me all along praying that the horses would die quickly when we went off the edge. The driver? He was on his cell phone. Our prayers were answered when we were able to pull our rig back onto the concrete. Bob's rig was very well marked. Yes the driver is human and I hope he gets through all this . . . but this should not have happened. Totally unnecessary heartbreak.


Article Comment sam commented at 2/16/2009 9:09:00 PM:

what if that truck rear ended a bus load of kids, broken down on the highway, or a family broken down in their minivan? what has happened to the trucker? has he been ticketed? is the trucker still on the road?


Article Comment Geno commented at 2/18/2009 11:49:00 AM:

yes mr trucker you have given all truckers a bad name. and I know that is untrue. my neighbor is a trucker and far as I know he has never had an accident where he was at fault. and no serious accidents in his entire life . he thinks safety on the road and yes he has a cell phone which he only uses when he is co pilot. so its about time all these johnny racers got off the road and let a real man or woman have a job. while you pile brush or pick up garbage. any thing but drive on the highways.
thanks geno


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