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Leaders approve speed curbing measures


District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith

District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith



Nathan Gregory



County and city leaders are taking measures to increase safety and reduce speed on roads near churches and residential areas. 


Lowndes County supervisors authorized the county's road department to install speed bumps on Brooks Road and Read Drive east of Columbus off of North Lehmberg Road. District 4 Supervisor Jeff Smith presented a petition from residents there who want traffic calming devices and said he's gotten several complaints from residents of that area regarding speeding. There's no sidewalk in that area, Smith added, so pedestrians have to walk on the road. 


"It's getting that time of year now where a lot of young people are driving in and out of that subdivision and they're just not respecting the speed limit in the community, so they would like for the road department to put speed bumps down to protect the safety of the community," Smith said.  


City councilmen authorized crews to change the speed limit of a curve near the intersection of Military Road and Fourth Avenue North from 30 to 10 mph. The area contains heavy school traffic, as well as a driveway to the Bible Way Progressive Church. The city will erect signs directing motorists to slow to 10 miles per hour near the church entrance. Vegetation on city right-of-way will also be cleared for improved visibility at the recommendation of city engineer Kevin Stafford. 




County board business:  


■ Supervisors authorized the county road department to go forward with relocating ditches on Cal-Kolola Road and Sonia Drive to improve drainage in those areas and protect the roads from deteriorating. 


■ They also agreed to furnish county road department vehicles and equipment for paving a new lot at the National Guard Armory. Labor, materials and fuel will be paid by the National Guard. The armory serves as a voting precinct. 


■ They also agreed to pay an amount not to exceed $8,500 for an upgrade to the county's E-911 computer system. County Administrator Ralph Billingsley said the amount the county pays will likely be about $4,000. 




City board business: 


■ Councilmen approved a recommendation from the Columbus Historic Preservation Commission to install a fire escape at 425 College Street and allow the use of public right-of-way at the request of the owners.  


■ They also approved a new job description for the director of the newly consolidated planning and community development department. 


■ They also declared a recycle baler as surplus property and sold it to the city of West Point for $750.


Nathan Gregory covers city and county government for The Dispatch.



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