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Starkville man takes to Facebook to sell used stripper pole


Starkville resident Jarrod Jordan has taken to Facebook to try and sell a used stripper pole.

Starkville resident Jarrod Jordan has taken to Facebook to try and sell a used stripper pole.
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William Browning



On Tuesday, a little before 10 a.m., on a Facebook page dedicated to people in the Starkville area hoping to buy, sell or trade things, someone posted a used stripper pole. 


Four photographs of the thing were put up. In them, the pole is fully assembled and not being used. It is set up in what looks like a bedroom. 


The owner asked for $250 and noted that the price includes a four-by-four wooden platform and LED lights, which allow the user "to light up the pole at night." 


The pole is a Carmen Electra portable brand. A 2011 version can be found on for $107, shipping included. It is advertised as "the perfect choice for both beginners and expert dancers." 


One reviewer wrote that they "really enjoyed" the Electra pole and it "works just fine." Another wrote that the pole is "super easy to clean and fun to use!" 


They offered one caution: "Make sure you find a ceiling stud, because otherwise you could cause damage to you ceiling." 


Who tries to sell a used stripper pole on Facebook? 


In this case it is 24-year-old Jarrod Jordan. He bought it for his brother's bachelor party last year and has kept it up since. During an interview Tuesday, he spoke of it fondly. 


"I kept it for the memories," he said. "I'd look at it every now and then and laugh." 


But Jordan is moving to North Carolina soon, to look for work, and between now and then he's offloading a lot of his life. 


In addition to the stripper pole, he also offered on Tuesday, via the Facebook page, a 42-inch Vizio flat-screen T.V.; a complete living room set, including two decorative vases; and a 32-inch flat-screen. 


Jared Estes, of Starkville, is the administrator of the Facebook page, which is called, "Starkville Buy, sell, trade." He said he began the page about two years ago on a sort of whim, hoping to offer people a forum to get rid of, or buy, things. He was not sure if the page would catch on. 


It did. 


It has more than 7,000 members today. People post all sorts of things. Estes said things are constantly being bought and sold. Dozens of items were posted on Tuesday alone. 


A $260 Southwest airlines voucher. Recliners. Dresses. Cameras. Refrigerators. High heels. Purses. ATVs. XBoxes. Lots of puppies. And stripper poles. 


As of press time, someone had offered Jordan $400 for both of his TVs. 


No one, though, had yet to make an offer on the stripper pole.


William Browning was managing editor for The Dispatch until June 2016.



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