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Building permits 7-17-14


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


July 8-July 14 


■ Lowndes Funeral Home; 1131 Lehmberg Road; Remodeling; Same 


■ Kim Bennett; 513 Main St.; Alterations; Same 


■ Dutch Oil Company; 1245 Lehmberg Road; Signs; Mid-South Signs 


■ Johnnie Harris; 1723 7th Ave. N.; Siding and seals; Same 


■ William M. Nelson III; 109 Stewart St.; Demolish house; Earl Harris 


■ Habitat for Humanity; 2007 College St.; Demolish house; Earl Harris 


■ Trotter Convention Center; 422 2nd Ave. N.; Alterations; Burks-Mordecai 


■ Chris and Lucy Rhett; 206 College St.; Addition; Rhett Construction 


■ Leigh Enterprises; 3502 Bluecutt Road; New electrical; Richard Doughty 


■ Rivergate Apartment; 300 Holly Hills Road; Electrical inspection; Buddy Easley 


■ Frank Imes; 35 Wilcutt Block Road; Electrical inspection; Gordon Via 


■ Paul Reeves; 898 Waterworks Road; Electrical inspection; Gordon Via 


■ Gene Reed; 1515 Seminole Drive; Electrical inspection; Owner 


■ Brooks Properties; 805 10th St. N., #16; New electrical service; George Beavers 


■ Andy Stewart; 1615 7th Ave. S. Apt. B; Electrical inspection; Joseph Harris 


■ First Presbyterian Church; 3200 Bluecutt Road; Electrical inspection; George Beavers 


■ Mr. Tate; 1088 Southdown Parkway; Electrical inspection; Jimmy Chism 


■ Homestead Property; 4399 Bluecutt Road; New plumbing and gas; David Hicks 


■ Wal-Mart; 1913 Highway 45 N.; Plumbing alterations; Dale Brewer 


■ Sammie Rice; 420 Forrest Court; Gas inspection; Leroy Langford 


■ Carmichael Jones; 212 20th St. S.; New mechanical; Same




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