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Millport water treatment working, but long term is key


David Miller/Special to The Dispatch



MILLPORT, Ala. -- The city's water treatment enhancements have yielded positive results in the first few weeks of testing, but the current system's sustainability is unknown. 


Millport Water Superintendent Robby McAdams detailed the first runs Monday during the Millport Town Council meeting, noting the lack of automation needed to have the system run on its own. 


McAdams has worked with engineer Jonathan Bonner, of CFM Group in Tuscaloosa, who was slated to deliver a report about the recent addition but did not attend the meeting. 


McAdams said the enhancements -- designed to help remove excess iron from the city's water supply -- required an additional chlorine line and extra routing prior to water going through the post-treatment process. 


"It worked like a charm," McAdams said. "I'm not making any promises that I can repeat that until I'm further along in the process. If we can make it run like that everyday, it'll limit it to a once-a-week backwash.  


"Right now, the chemical feeders, someone is standing there adjusting them while someone is standing on top with's going to have to have some automation." 


Councilman Tim Fields estimated 100,000 gallons of water per week could be saved by way of running fewer backwashes and clarifier processes. 


In other business, the council: 


■ Heard an update from resident Brenda Medley, who detailed lingering water pressure issues at her home and those of neighbors along Highway 96 and Payne Chapel Road. Medley detailed the problems at a council meeting a month ago. The city is currently looking into alleviating the pressure problems, McAdams said.




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