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Students rushed to hospital after reaction to H1N1 vaccine


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Eight of nine Caledonia High School students are in good condition after suffering reactions to the H1N1 vaccine administered today. 


All but one of the students had been treated and released from Baptist Memorial Hospital by 4 this afternoon. The status of the hospitalized student is unknown. 


Two students complained of shortness of breath shortly after receiving the vaccine while the others may have experienced what Mississippi State Department of Health District 6 Health Officer Dr. Rebecca "Tree" James referred to as "sympathy reactions" or discomfort with no evidence of an allergic reaction. 


Lowndes County School District Superintendent Mike Halford said the lone hospitalized student was taken to the hospital by a relative after leaving school. The rest were transported via ambulance directly from CHS. 


MSDH reported just one other student has suffered a similar reaction among 10,000 students vaccinated in the state. Slight reactions are common, said James. 


According to MSDH, problems from the vaccine can include soreness, redness, tenderness or swelling at the injection site, fainting, headache, fever or nausea. Life-threatening allergic reactions are rare. 


More than 400 New Hope Middle and Elementary School students also received the vaccinations Wednesday with no reported problems. Likewise, students at four Columbus Municipal School District schools were administered vaccinations without incident. 





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Reader Comments

Article Comment MB commented at 11/4/2009 10:22:00 PM:

Why in the world are parents allowing this crap to be injected into their children? The government and the nut jobs in the media have created a mountain out of a mole hill!! It has been on the decline here in Mississippi over the last month! There is no way I would inject this crap made in China into my body!


Article Comment Eileen Dannemann commented at 11/4/2009 10:33:00 PM:

And what about the long term chronic reactions that will be down the line when the connection is no longer linked easily to the vaccine.

Dr. Bart Classen has research proving that chronic Juvenile Diabetes and Asthma is the result of early vaccines.


Article Comment Brad commented at 11/4/2009 11:23:00 PM:

The parents are only following what they think is best for their children, how sad.
No one in my family has ever had asthma until my son, my brothers son was born witin days of my son at the same hospital and he has asthma also, they must have received the same vaccines from the same batch, but OF COURSE there is no proof.


Article Comment Lilian commented at 11/5/2009 12:32:00 AM:

Many schools get funding money for promoting vaccination.Thus, they (the schools) have an additional reason to request that all students get the vaccine.The parents, unless if they are motivated to do the research themselves,will listen to what the school says, and the rest is history.


Article Comment GB commented at 11/5/2009 1:13:00 AM:

While there is still a big controversy whether or not we should get the H1N1 vaccination, we have to look at the data, over 35,000 people died last yr alone from the regular flu. Since this is another strain and is being reported with the common flu, you would expect that the death rate is going to be somewhat higher. I have to agree that the media has blown this way out of proportion in regaurd to how dangerous this strain really is. Like any other flu, it will affect people that have certain pre-existing condition like asthma and other worse than most of us and put them at higher risk for complications. We need to remember that the testing on this vaccine was fairly short, I'm not saying that it is not effective, but each individual needs to assess what risk are invovled in taking or not taking the vaccine. I personally am not going to take it, I am also a nurse and work around people exposed all the time. I feel my age and being exposed to viruses so much has boosted my immune sytem to some degree. I believe that if you are not in a high-risk group you probably don't need to take it.


Article Comment vactruth commented at 11/5/2009 4:43:00 AM:

follow the link and read


Article Comment JB commented at 11/5/2009 4:43:00 AM:

Um, it's not made in China. It's made in the Poconos, down the street from me, actually. Swiftwater, PA. Look it up.

Still crap, though.


Article Comment BC commented at 11/5/2009 8:03:00 AM:

Pregnant women, please carefully consider getting the H1N1 vaccination. I have a niece who is pregnant and I hope she does. Why? consider this: "Some of the first doses should go to pregnant women, who are 1 percent of the population but account for 6 percent of H1N1 deaths - 28 so far."


Article Comment Matt commented at 11/5/2009 9:10:00 AM:

Who knew we had so many wack jobs in mississippi. The H1N1 is killing small children and pregnant women all over the country. The people in this story had sympathy reactions. From some of these comments you would think that it actually harmed them but was in fact psychological which was probably due to fear mongering like I have read on this board. The H1N1 vaccine is almost identical to the regular flu vaccine and would have been included in the regular flu shot if the medicine had been available. I keep hearing people say also that the vaccine is made in china which is also not true. there are companies in the U.S. that make the vaccine but weren't even able to get approval by our government. The standards are very high for this vaccine. There are going to be alot of sad people if the flu hits very hard especially those with very small children that let a few conspiracy theorist endanger the lives of their kids.


Article Comment Matt commented at 11/5/2009 9:28:00 AM:

Maybe we should skip the polio vaccine also and maybe bring back some of the old diseases that killed millions of people. Everyone knows that polio is just a ploy by the government to get our banking information. Do your research people! LMAO


Article Comment Ben commented at 11/5/2009 9:40:00 AM:

Just follow the money and you will find the truth!


Article Comment sg commented at 11/5/2009 9:46:00 AM:

FYI - Some of the details related to the incident at Caledonia are incorrect in this report.
Also: Parents who have fears and concerns about vaccines are equally justified as those that opt to get their children vaccinated. This applies to H1N1 as well. People need to do adequate research and quit spouting off "facts" that in return cause fear on both ends of the spectrum.


Article Comment Phillip commented at 11/5/2009 10:58:00 AM:

I agree totally with the last poster, sg, People do need to do adequate Research in regards to the H1N1 Vaccine as to the benefits, which are very small and to the risks which are very huge. This is all being blown out of proportion, and also do your research. Go to the website and look at the insert for the vaccines and the associated risks involved, as well as the ingredients


Article Comment AC commented at 11/5/2009 11:29:00 AM:

My daughter was one of the students transported and released and then we had to call the rescue to return her to the ER. She was having seizures and she is now back home resting comfortably. I do not believe all the hype the media creates, we were doing what we felt was the best course of action for our daughter, and she reacted...that's it. But please do not pass this off as "sympathy reactions"....I can assure you that my daughter's seizures were real and terrifying.


Article Comment Matt commented at 11/5/2009 11:35:00 AM:

Phillip what are the "ingredients" in the flu vaccine? The risks of getting a vaccine are huge? The worst side affects I read about were a headache and nausea. The only possible reason that the students at caledonia may have had a reaction is if they were allergic to poultry. This is just a new strand of an illness that has had a vaccine that has worked very well for years. The virus is supposed to kill atleast as many people as the seasonal flu if not more. The seasonal flu kills around 500,000 people world wide yearly and most of the people being infected by the H1N1 are in the western world. I agree that not a very high percentage of people will die from this maybe .4% but it is possible and the pros far outway the much smaller percent that will have problems with the vaccine.


Article Comment MB commented at 11/5/2009 11:54:00 AM:

I read an article online about 2 months ago where they were interviewing someone that worked on getting the H1N1 vaccine here in our country. I have been looking for it and I can not find it now. The person said that they could not comment on where it was manufactured and was told to keep quiet about the country of origin. I do not for one minute believe it is manufactured here in the US. The majority of our current medications and vaccines are manufactured in China and other over seas countries. I know two people that took the vaccines the first go around and were sick as a dog for about a week. I am sorry but I am basing my opinion on what I have seen and I am NOT trusting the government on what they are saying! Americans are bunch of sheeple! If the government says something they just go completely nuts and panic like its the end of the world. The media is feeding us the crap that the government wants us to believe!!


Article Comment J. Shilling commented at 11/5/2009 12:01:00 PM:

I had 3 of my own children recieve the Vaccine at New Hope schools yesterday. ALl 3 had severe headaches when they came home from school. 2 of my children are in the High School. 1 Is in the middle school. I am a little worried about this. Several of the student I had today said that they had similar symptoms after getting the vaccine on Wednesday.


Article Comment TDS commented at 11/5/2009 12:07:00 PM:

AC, I am sure that yesterday was very real & quite terrifying for your daughter and your family. Praying for a speedy recovery!


Article Comment JC commented at 11/5/2009 12:35:00 PM:

Matt, you're wasting your breath. These rubes think vaccines are witchcraft.


Article Comment Ellen commented at 11/5/2009 12:42:00 PM:

Anyone that has researched the vaccine will know the benefits can be minimal and the risks are unknown to great. A one-shot-fits-all solution provided at the last minute can never be a safe solution. I believe some will benefit but others should know the risks and make their own decision. This cheerleader never knew the risks:


Article Comment BetterthanMatt commented at 11/5/2009 1:06:00 PM:

Just curious if you think a watchdog really exists to stop a bad vaccine? They cannot stop counterfeit drugs from appearing in local pharmacies. Our most expensive service, health care, is on the same track as the banking systems - poorly regulated with no real charter to improve services. Medicare deemed Viagra important enough for coverage at public expense but waivers on critical medications in other circumstances. Just my two cents!


Article Comment matt commented at 11/5/2009 1:23:00 PM:

I have had the shot along with my son and my girlfriend and my 65 yr old mother. My girlfriend had a headache the same day but no further reaction. My son who is 11 months old did not even cry and had no reaction to the shot. I and my mother both had no reaction other then the spot it was given being sore. It just seems like a bunch to do about nothing. I guess me and my family must have been the exception with no problems not the rule. I think the FDA keeps us pretty safe. Overall our drugs and food supply are very safe but when they are not the drug companies stand to lose billions of dollars because they will be sued. That is the greater incentive not to make a bad drug. The deregulation would be the republican machine wanting tort reform which would let the drug companies get away with out any recourse.


Article Comment BetterthanMatt commented at 11/5/2009 1:42:00 PM:

Purely anecdotal evidence is not sufficient for proving drugs. For example "my grandfather smoked like a chimney and died healthy in a car crash at the age of 99" does not disprove the proposition that "smoking markedly increases the probability of cancer and heart disease at a relatively early age". In this case, the evidence may itself be true, but does not warrant the conclusion. Do you know the main mission of the FDA? What keeps them adequately funded? Or are you just assuming you can sue the drug companies for big bucks when something goes awry? I would rather jog through Iraq than blindly trust govt or lawyers to protect me.


Article Comment JC commented at 11/5/2009 2:35:00 PM:

For those of you who think the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health just might know more about medicine than Oprah or your fishing buddies:


Article Comment sniswonger commented at 11/6/2009 9:19:00 AM:

i am one of the students that was rushed to the er due to the H1N1 vaccine! for all of you who say it was a "pitty reaction" or a "sympathy reaction", you dont know what happened to us. you were not there with us during the whole thing! i had short breathe, headache, vomiting, and they had to give me the epinephrine shot! my doc in the er said i had a bad allergic reaction. so whoever wrote the article in the newspaper, and whoever said the stuff on the news is worng!!! this really frustrates me and my family because all the news and the paper is doing are telling lies! its all bs! us students here at caledonia high school know what really happened!!!


Article Comment BC commented at 11/6/2009 9:38:00 AM:

I have taken the flu vaccines since being diagnosed with chronic health problems in 1997. I have never had a problem. The shot I got last week, I didn't even feel. Any thing you put in your body has some risk of reactions or harm. A peanut can kill! Meds... let's look at one. Aspirin. Aspirin is blamed for tens of thousands of deaths each year due to gastrointestinal bleeding.
Let's look at flu vaccine.
in 1976 swine flu vaccine. Forty million Americans were vaccinated, and 500 cases of GBS were reported with 25 deaths. Hummm.. 25 out of 40 MILLION! It seems aspirin is far more dangerous than vaccines.


Article Comment Matt commented at 11/6/2009 12:51:00 PM:

Anyone can have a bad reaction to any shot. I am sure that the one girl that posted on here had a bad reaction but hundreds of other children received the same exact vaccine and had no problems at all. A thousand people got it in Columbus and all the negative reactions were at one school seems a little strange to me. The newspaper story may be a little off but this does not change the fact that vaccines are safe and a very very small percentage of people have any problems. Sorry to the students if they have not received the necessary sympathy in this case by the news media.


Article Comment GW commented at 11/6/2009 2:02:00 PM:

I have made the decision not to allow my children to have the vaccine and pity the school and health dept. if they vaccinate my children without my permission. I read in the paper where children in another state were vaccinated without their parents knowledge and had similar reactions to the reactions of these students.
I don't think most of the posters here know about the swine flu vaccines of the 1970's. We were told there was no risk involved in those vaccines and they ended up causing Gillian-Barre syndrome which causes paralysis and is often fatal.
If these vaccines are so safe, why is Minnesota monitoring people who have had the vaccine for signs of Gillian-Barre?


Article Comment AC commented at 11/6/2009 3:48:00 PM:

Matt....As a parent of one of the children involved I can assure you that they are not looking for sympathy from the media or anyone...we are looking for answers. I do not care that thousands of people have had the vaccine with no problems...I only care about the one who daughter.


Article Comment Mr. Jordan commented at 11/7/2009 5:08:00 PM:


Matt, Matt, you have abandon the other story's thread to repeat your nonsense here?

You say: "The H1N1 vaccine is almost identical to the regular flu vaccine and would have been included in the regular flu shot if the medicine had been available."

As you now should know, one vaccine manufacturer, Novartis, is using the experimental adjuvant, or immune booster, MF59.

The FDA has not approved MF59 because it caused autoimmune disorders in animal experiements. It is being used because the government declared an Emergency Use Authorization that allows them to use experimental substances.

And, shazzam!, the kids in Caledonia who had seizures from the H1N1 vaccination got...the Novartis vaccine! Now THERE is a coincidence for you, Matt!

Every one of your points has been shot down on the other thread, so you come over here to peddle them?

These poor people had their kids raped by the medical community, and you are condoning it and defending it with uninformed bluster. Take a bow.


Article Comment Mr. Jordan commented at 11/8/2009 8:45:00 PM:

An admonition for this debate:

Everything you hear on the Internet is not necessarily false.

Everything officials tell you is not necessarily true.


Article Comment Mrs. B commented at 11/9/2009 1:34:00 PM:

THANK YOU students and parents for posting accurate information here in the comments section. BE AWARE that bad reactions to the H1N1 vaccine are being purposely not reported, under-reported, etc. And that deaths attributed to the swine flu itself are being HYPED to the max, displayed on front pages, etc. Your information is VITAL to the world!!


Article Comment Mr. Jordan commented at 11/9/2009 4:07:00 PM:

Mrs. B,

It seems MSDH, Caledonia High School, and the Commerical Dispatch are not going to provide an explanation of what happened with the H1N1 flu shot last week.

This reminds me of an old Sci/Fi movie where aliens capture all officials and implant electronic devices in the backs of their heads so they are easily controlled by the aliens to do nothing.

We had the same problem in the military with the anthrax shot. Military leadership, military medicine, and military legal systems all became zombie-like and did nothing when it was easily apparent, at some locations, that something was drastically wrong.

For some reason, and somehow, the fix is in on this and officials will do nothing to protect the people they are paid to serve.

It will probably take irate parents to make these people do the jobs the parents are paying them to do.


Article Comment Mr. Jordan commented at 11/9/2009 4:52:00 PM:

Mrs. B,

Not to belabor the point, but the Caledonia High officials, and the MSDH officials work for you, you don't work for them.

If you, the boss, want an answer, who are they, the employees, to refuse? Why is the tail wagging the dog here?

The Dispatch works for you if you have a subscription, so do with them what you will.


Article Comment Stephanie commented at 11/12/2009 9:40:00 AM:

i like that people say "ooooh it's just the gov't. they want to scare you to make money off the vaccine. it's all a scam" and crap like that.

news flash: it's the exact same thing as the regular flu vaccine except they swap out the reg flu for h1n1. that's it. if you get the regular flu shot, you're good to get this one. if the people who are barking and saying "oh my god you're going to kill out kids!!!" get the reg flu shot and give it to their children as well, then that's pretty hypocritical.

not only is illness worse in children, children are the ones who easily spred it. i think it's shameful that parents WOULDN'T want to get it for there children (so long as the child has had the regular one in that past and is not allergic to eggs). it's like neglectful as well. if a parent is able to get their child the vaccine yet chose not to, and god forbid that child gets seriously ill with long term effects or dies from it, that parent should be charged w/neglagent homicide.

~21; crohn's disease, fibromyalgia, and mitral valve prolapse; on medication that severely reduces immune system; GOT MY H1N1 SHOT TODAY!


Article Comment Betti commented at 11/12/2009 10:39:00 AM:

Matt, how did you qualify for this vaccine? I thought this was still reserved for pregnant women, children, people with compromised immune systems and direct care givers in health care.


Article Comment Robert commented at 11/12/2009 10:49:00 AM:

According to the media propaganda is just a sympathy reaction to the vaccine. FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

This is the 1st step in the plan to depopulate the world's population! Go to and go to the archives and read the many documents on this subject or just key in Swine Flu Vaccine Scam on Google and read the tons and tons of documents about the dangers of this vaccine.

THIS VACCINE HAS BEEN FAST TRACKED AND IS UNTESTED!!! Go back to the 1976 vaccine and see the same result whereas people has just taken the vaccine without ANY CRITICAL THOUGHT and suffered terrible medical conditions. Here is the result of the past vaccination:

Only 1 person died from Swine Flu

25 people have died from the vaccine

Many, many people have suffered terrible medical conditions such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a debilitating neurological disease.



Article Comment SOPHY commented at 11/28/2009 11:03:00 PM:



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