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MUW supporters to rally on campus against merger


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Alumni and supporters of Mississippi University for Women are meeting on campus Sunday to discuss the school''s financial condition and Gov. Haley Barbour''s recommendation to merge the school with Mississippi State University. 


The meeting, the second in two weeks organized by an independent group called the Friends of The W, will feature remarks from MUW President Claudia Limbert, who also addressed the group at a meeting in Madison a week ago. 


The meeting will be held at 2 p.m. in Nissan Auditorium on the MUW campus. 


The meetings were organized in response to Barbour''s budget recommendation to the Legislature, which includes a proposal to merge MUW and Mississippi State to save on administrative costs. 


Barbour also recommended Alcorn State and Mississippi Valley State be merged with Jackson State. The governor said an estimated $35 million savings from the mergers wouldn''t appear until 2012. 


Supporters of an independent MUW say a merger with MSU could lead to larger class sizes and fewer tenured professors at MUW while costing the school its identity. 


Friends of the W, described on its Facebook page as "a loosely gathered group of alumni, individuals, businessmen and women who support the W," was founded in 2009 to include members of Mississippi''s First Alumnae Association and the MUW Alumni Association.  




Faculty Senate statement 


Meanwhile Saturday, MUW''s Faculty Senate approved a statement urging the Legislature and College Board keep the university independent. 


"Faculty of Mississippi University for Women support making all efforts possible to keep MUW open as a free standing institution providing quality educational opportunities to students in a small university environment," the statement reads. "It is imperative to note that decisions made today will have long term implications on the economic and educational opportunities of our state. MUW provides an outstanding educational environment which is nationally recognized for academic excellence.  


"MUW students specifically choose to attend a university with an extremely supportive and personalized learning environment. These are characteristics inherent to our institution. We urge your support for MUW and its continuation as an independent institution in the Mississippi IHL system."




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Change. commented at 11/22/2009 9:04:00 AM:

I think the best thing to do is merge with St Leo University, they have TV commercials that really promote their small class sizes and the city of Columbus. Saint Leo University is the place to be and the right direction for this to go. Buy the way where exactly is St. Leo located?


Article Comment Ted commented at 11/23/2009 8:19:00 AM:

It was only a matter of time before the comments sections were infected with spam. If you want a degree in working at KFC, St. Leo is the place for you!!


Article Comment greasr commented at 11/23/2009 12:52:00 PM:

KFC can provide a good living if you apply yourself.
At lease St Leo is not segregated with a name such as The W for Women. Time to deregulate and desegregate.


Article Comment mark commented at 11/25/2009 3:37:00 PM:

If it is not merged, at least change its name back to Mississippi Institute of Technology(MS Tech), so it is not a reminder of our Segregationist past. We can thank Bilbo for all this since he changed it to the College for Women...


Article Comment msgalnca commented at 12/12/2009 3:14:00 AM:

As a graduate of Mississippi University for Women, I am proud of the history and the legacy of my alma mater. The education I received there prepared me for my career as an educator, gave me a sense of purpose as an adult, and helped me to believe in my own accomplishments. I gained a sense of self worth that I doubt I could have found at any other Mississippi university. To merge the "W" with Mississippi State would be to take away all that is special about the university and turn it into a place, like MSU, where students are numbers and sports outranks academics in importance. And yes, I know about MSU, because that is where I received my Master's degree. Mississippi University for Women...and smart men, too!


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