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Columbus mom appears on ‘Dr. Phil’ show today


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Lori Pierce of Columbus will appear as a guest today on the "Dr. Phil" television show, which airs at 3 p.m. CST on the NBC affiliate, WTVA.  


The show, taped earlier, explores parenting styles, discussing so-called "helicopter" and "free range" approaches. Helicopter parents prefer to minutely monitor everything their children do, while free range style parenting is based on the premise that children learn more by doing things on their own, Pierce said. 


In March, Pierce garnered attention when a Columbus police officer picked up one of her children, who was walking to soccer practice, after police received several 911 calls made by people who had seen the boy, then 10 years old, walking the sidewalks alone. The story was picked up by international news outlets. 


Pierce is the mother of three children, ages 6, 8 and 11. All attend Columbus schools.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment HK commented at 1/5/2010 11:00:00 AM:

I hope Dr. Phil straightens her out. Free Range nowadays means child molesters get your kids..then you get on TV and cry for their safe return. We are not talking about chickens--we are talking about parenting! You are a parent--use the sense the good Lord gave you! I hope Dr. Phil can talk some sense into her or she may need her kid taken away.. given to someone that will parent the child..


Article Comment Fred commented at 1/5/2010 2:00:00 PM:

Only morons and other mentally challenged people watch Dr. Phil.


Article Comment Hobo commented at 1/5/2010 3:35:00 PM:

Fred, that sounds just like you!


Article Comment Fred commented at 1/5/2010 3:39:00 PM:

Sounds like you watch Dr. Phil. Hobo is an appropriate name for you then.


Article Comment mark commented at 1/5/2010 3:52:00 PM:

Dr. Phil couldn't even keep his own marriage and etc.. in line , let alone anyone else's!


Article Comment marv commented at 1/5/2010 6:06:00 PM:



Article Comment Lori commented at 1/6/2010 9:07:00 AM:

S. Williams, I figured somebody would notice that. I have been under the care of a physical for my thyroid for over 10 years now. It is closely watched. My goiter is so prominent that when I lived near a teaching hospital, my endocrinologist would have all his students palpate it.

And, the facts are that crime rates are down now more than they were when we were children. We are just bombarded by media images of what can happen. I'm not cavalier about putting my children in danger, but I don't want them to be afraid of the world. I'm not. I still think there are a lot of good people out there, especially in Columbus, MS.


Article Comment skintback commented at 1/6/2010 12:07:00 PM:

who gives a rats anus about any of this?


Article Comment cchart commented at 1/6/2010 3:09:00 PM:

Skintback..that is the name you want to use. Wow.if you do not care about any of this you are not obligated to read or comment. Thank you and have a nice day. Mr. Sintback


Article Comment Jason commented at 1/6/2010 4:16:00 PM:

Nice, HK. Kids are a lot more at risk from being molested by a friend or family member than by a stranger who abducts them on the street. In my experience, parents who are paranoid about their kids getting "snatched" are very frequently the ones already doing illegal things to their children in their own homes.


Article Comment Keepus Informed commented at 1/6/2010 9:21:00 PM:

Free range children! Have you people ignored the arrest of Robert Warren Triplett for his collection of child pornography. Have you people forgotten that people go missing like Kaila Morris?


Article Comment Dixie commented at 1/6/2010 10:23:00 PM:

Is that kinda like "free range chickens?" We dont live in the days where when we were kids we could walk a mile to the park or to the store and our parents didnt have to worry about some whack job grabbing us off the street. Has this woman been watching the news about the kids that have been kidnapped and only by the grace of God returned to their parents and then the thousands of children who are kidnapped and either never found or found dead???? Im sorry, yes, we need to let our children learn and explore their freedom, but, Im not willing to let mine explore it to the point of where I might never see them again, especially at that age. Use the neurons that God gave you.


Article Comment Betti commented at 1/7/2010 12:05:00 PM:

I used to live in Columbus and when we were kids we walked wherever we needed to go. I agree with Lori, although I may have limits as to what extreme "free range" takes us. National media would have us all afraid of our own neighbors. Better that the child is walking to soccer practice than sitting at a computer communicating with some sick adult posing as a child while they lure the child into trusting them enough to arrange a meeting. We tend to see the aberrations in society as the norm now. Have we lost all common sense? Not to mention the greater chance that our children are in danger of developing illness and obesity from lack of exercise because parents are afraid to let them outside. What time is soccer practice? During the day? Why would there be several 911 calls about a child walking alone to soccer practice. Is there more to this story or are we all nuts?


Article Comment Ang commented at 1/7/2010 10:31:00 PM:

S. Williams, I am embarrassed for Lori to have read your comments-- really, was that necessary for you to comment on? I think she looked very nice and was well spoken. She didn't fit Hollywood's mold of typical redneck Mississipian.


Article Comment SWilliams commented at 1/8/2010 8:33:00 AM:

Ang,you need to read my comments again.In no way was I insulting her looks.I was referencing a possible health issue that she may have been unaware of. Lori contacted me by email and we had a nice discussion about her health issue.Promoting health and informing people of possible health issues is what I do. The people I have sent to endocrinologist are greatful because otherwise they could have developed thyroid cancer by now. The article was not about Lori's health but the freedom she allows her children, not the most approiate place to ask her a health question. Asking her a health related question in no way tagged her as a "typical redneck Mississipian."


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