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Court dates, bond set for two charged in shooting


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Bond and preliminary court dates have been set for two West Point men charged in a December shooting. 


Michael Ball, 17, of 312 W. Half Mile St. in West Point, and Deandres Bell, 17, of 918 Griffin St. in West Point, will appear in Municipal Court Feb. 2 to determine whether they will be held over for Circuit Court in April on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. During their Tuesday bond hearing, Municipal Court Judge Mark Cliett ruled both men would remain in custody in the Clay County Jail on $100,000 bond. 


Ball and Bell are charged in the Dec. 21 shooting of Marcus Johnson, a Starkville juvenile attending West Point schools. 


Johnson was shot six times in the torso by a .38-caliber pistol while walking along Kitty Dill Memorial Parkway walking trail in West Point. 


One of the six shots lodged near Johnson''s spine and it is unknown if he will regain full use of his legs.




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Article Comment walter commented at 1/14/2010 11:57:00 AM:

Make and keep eliminating violent-crime the main priority of every citizen, governmental agency, church, and law enforcement officer throughout the Golden Traingle. Anyone even considering taking violent action against another human-being, for whatever the reason, must know, as clearly as he or she does the palm of their hands, that a maximum bond and even stiffer penalties await them, if convicted.

The wholesale slaughter and bodily harm, throughout the area, must cease. To stop it, concerned citizens merely need to insist that all persons involved in the criminal justice system (judges, D.A.'s, law enforcement officers, defense attorneys, bondsmen and all others) subordinate selfish interests, whether it be monetary or political advancement, and resolve to END THE VIOLENCE, NOW.

As great as it would be to remove all of the addicts from the streets and place them in rehab where they'll have a chance to recover, the non-violent behavior of addicted persons is not deserving anything like the amount of attention that law enforcement is continuing to place upon it in The Golden Triangle and other areas of the state. Where others cities and states have recognized that addiction is more a health issue than a criminal one, too many persons in Mississippi seem determined to milk the system for all they can get. Enough already! STOP THE VIOLENCE. You can change people's behaviour so that they will think twice, even thrice, before physically harming another. Have the foresight to do so and join other progressive areas and seize the future.


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