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Grand jury to hear ‘self-defense’ killing case





CEDAR BLUFF -- A West Point man claiming self-defense in the shooting death of a Cedar Bluff man will face a grand jury in April. 


Jeremy Barnhill, 24, has not been arrested or charged in the Jan. 2 death of Curtis Clardy, 46, but Clay County Sheriff''s Office investigators are preparing a case to present to the grand jury. 


Barnhill maintains he shot Clardy twice near Clardy''s Jack Williams Road home out of self-defense. Clardy was in a relationship with Barnhill''s sister. 


CCSO Chief Deputy Eddie Scott says the grand jury will decide if sufficient evidence exists to charge Barnhill with anything from manslaughter to murder. 


If Barnhill is indicted, he will be arrested and held over for Clay County Circuit Court, which also is in session in early April. The next session will be in July. 


Scott and investigators continue to interview witnesses and family members with knowledge of the shooting. The CCSO has also been in communication with the district attorney''s office regarding the procedure for self-defense claims. 


"I''m not necessarily saying I believe everything the principals are telling me," Scott said Thursday. "What we''re worried about right now is making sure we have all our facts for court. I''m not worried about arresting (Barnhill). He''s been told he needs to stay close."




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Reader Comments

Article Comment mark commented at 1/17/2010 10:22:00 AM:

What do the Barnhill's have on the ccsd? If it was anyone else they would have been locked up already. This doesnt look too good or say much about ccsd.


Article Comment doesn''t matter commented at 1/17/2010 2:57:00 PM:

I know neither of them, but I do remember seeing in the first article that Clardy had a history of threatening his ex and her family, maybe that's why they are cautious to arrest him right then and there, it might actually be believable that it was in fact self defense


Article Comment David commented at 1/17/2010 6:41:00 PM:

Quote from earlier press release, "Clardy family members said that Jeremy Barnhill had been threatening Clardy at least since November 2009. They said that he took threatening text mesesages to the Clay County Sheriff's Office on more than one occasion and that deputies made a report and started patrolling Jack Williams Road more frequently. Family members said that Barnhill and even his father called their homes to make threats as well." He drove to Curtis's home with a loaded gun, Curtis was unarmed. NOT SELF DEFENSE, PRE-MEDITATED MURDER.


Article Comment WANTS JUSTICE commented at 1/17/2010 9:33:00 PM:

I ask the same question what does the Barnhill's have over the CCSO.. If anyone else had shot Curtis they would be in Jail right now.. There was no self defense Jeremy went there with the intention to shoot Curtis why else would his own sister have given him the gun and why isnt she being charged too. Clay County has the worst Judicial System. They are more concerned with locking drug addicts up and putting them away for years than arresting a murder that is walking free like its ok to take an innocent man's life.. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE FOR CURTIS CLARDY???????????


Article Comment lover not fighter commented at 1/17/2010 10:24:00 PM:

to wants justice, no where has it been stated that barnhills sister gave him the gun. and no where does it say that she was being charged for murder. Curtis has been threatening the barnhill family more than the barnhill family threatened them. If anybody actually knew curtis and his reputation then they would understand why the barnhill family was so protective over the girl. nobody wanted to kill anybody that night but curtis is the one with the bad intensions.


Article Comment Shelley commented at 1/17/2010 10:26:00 PM:

I can't believe this man is still free. If it were a black man I guarantee you he would have been arrested the same night and charged with murder. What the heck is wrong with The so called CCSO. A crock load of crap is what this is. I hope that justice will be served and that he gets the time in prison that he deserves.


Article Comment Shelley commented at 1/17/2010 10:35:00 PM:

I can't believe that Barnhill is still walking around as a free man. I quarantee you if it were a black man he would have been arrested and charged with murder the same night that the kiling took place. What is wrong with the CCSO????? A crock load of crap is exactly what this situation is. I hope that justice will be served and I hope that Barnhill gets the time in prison that he derserves.


Article Comment Mark commented at 1/17/2010 10:39:00 PM:

Ok he was threatening the family so what gives you the right that you can take anothers life over words. The sister could not have felt to threatened if she never got a restaining order.


Article Comment erica collins commented at 1/17/2010 11:09:00 PM:

I konw clradly he is my family he would not do that he was a sweet man that loved ever one and that girl and her family needs to go to jill for life!!!!!!!!!!


Article Comment two sides commented at 1/18/2010 4:32:00 PM:

ok. i knew curtis well. grew up around him. i hate he's not here and there is no excuss for killing him. but honestly. anyone who knew him knew he was a snake in the grass and had a very bad reputation for jumping on people and beating them like a rag doll. he also beat and threatened women. put yourself in both pair of shoes. if you got a threatnening call someone was beating your sister, wouldn't you go to her rescue? if a MUCH larger man was beating you like a rag doll wouldn't you do what ever you had to to get him off you? i mean come on. all who knew curtis knew he liked to fight and would fight to kill...look at both sides before you judge. i believe in the situation barnhill was in we would al have done the same thing...


Article Comment David commented at 1/18/2010 11:27:00 PM:

We're all definately looking at that. Jeremy recieved a threatening call from the girl, she's being beaten, and she doesn't have a single mark on her? hmmm, and Curtis wasn't even there....there are some snakes in the grass here, and thier last name is Barnhill. Did Curtis have a reputation, hell yes! Typically, he would have to teach somebody a lesson now and then. Usually someone who deserved it. Fight to the death? Come-on! It sounds like your just another one of them boys that would take his hat off and look the other way when Curtis walked in the room! Curtis NEVER used a weapon. He would have beaten the brakes off that boy, and he had it coming!
The real snake in this article is Eddie Scott. You are a disgrace to law enforcement. Period. You should be fired for how this case has been handeled, and for your comments in this article. "I'm not worried about arresting Barnhill"? We don't care if you are "worried" about it or not. "I'm not necessarily saying I believe everything the principals are telling me,". Mr. Scott, this is not about what you "believe", it's about upholding the oath you took when you took this job. TO SERVE AND PROTECT, DO YOUR JOB, OR STAND DOWN! LOCK THIS MURDERING COWARD UP, AND HOLD HIM UNTIL HIS COURT DATE! THE FACTS ARE WHAT MATTERS, NOT WHAT YOU BELIEVE! Jeremy Barnhill gunned down an unarmed citizen of your county, in front of a witness, you are obliged by law to address this immediately.


Article Comment Jenny commented at 1/19/2010 7:18:00 PM:

I just want to address the comment about Curtis whooping on women. Curtis was married to my mom for almost 15 years and not once did he ever lay his hands on her! Yes, Curtis did had a reputation for holding his on, but he never looked for trouble if you asked for it or provoked him he was a tough man. In my opinion Jeremy Barnhill provoked him no matter how u look at it. Even though Jeremy provoked Curtis. Curtis never got the chance to put that punk in his place. Because Jeremy was a coward and decided to shoot him instead. Curtis didnt need a weapon. So no matter how u look at it Jeremy drove to his house on a dead end road with a loaded gun.....MURDER is the crime! I just hope he does the time.


Article Comment Nikki commented at 1/19/2010 7:40:00 PM:

Eddie Scott is a waste of human flesh! And so is Jeremy Barnhill! If no one else makes sure Jeremy serves time for this, GOD WILL!!!!!!!!!


Article Comment lover not fighter commented at 1/19/2010 8:44:00 PM:

to jenny, as i understand what is being said it is your mother that said he beat women so how can you sit there and say that he never did anything to women when it is your mother that is saying differently. and i know curtis and he will be missed very much but everybody needs to put theirselves in barnhills shoes for a minute and think to yourself what would i do if my sister was dating a man that was a known wife beater and out is a good one hundred pounds more than her. what would do you? you would go and get her and from what i have heard barnhill did not expect curtis to be at home that night he was not going there with intentions to kill anybody just to get his sister. and everybody that is a big brother knows you would do the same thing if it was your sister. after all would you want your sister, who is 22, dating a man known for beating women and fighting when he gets drunk and that has kids the same age as your sister. i know jeremy and i know he would never want to hurt or kill anybody, but yet curtis has been know to be in several fights and the last one he used a gas pump hose and put lots of stiches in the mans head just because of rumors. jeremy was only doing what any brother would do and that is protect his family.


Article Comment question? commented at 1/19/2010 9:36:00 PM:

Just ask yourself one thing..Just who is Eddie Scott and who is he connected to and does he owe anybody any favors? That is the way the syatem here works. Come on you all know it and it ain't going to change until someone is willing to stand up and do something and bring in some people who will turn this place inside out and shake all the people up who are trying to control it. Stir it up people..get FBI or state people in here. This ain't the first time and if we don't get it stopped it won't be the last.


Article Comment Jenny commented at 1/20/2010 10:07:00 AM:

First off lover not a fighter. U must not know my mother because she would tell u the same thing. As I recall Jeremy has also been known to be a trouble maker and fighter! Considering his record( oh wait they cover that up) Another thing the whole gas pump thing was when Curtis was 28 years old, so really get your facts right considering that was his last fight. Im sure Jeremy has been in a fight since the last one Curtis was in. Tiffany is legal age and choose she wanted to be with Curtis although I didnt agree with them being together. Nobody forced her to be with him. For him to had been such a ' Wife Beater" Sure was funny every one of his exs say different. So why dont u get ur facts right before speaking. So if he was going to get his sister please tell me why he went passed Curtis house that was a dead end road, Why didnt he just pull in the drive way and tell her to get in? Dont say Curtis blocked him in either the witness says different. Plus Jeremy left the scence very easily after the shooting.. All I have to say let JUSTICE BE SERVED!! Just because your sister is dating a much older man doesnt give him the right to shoot him!!!! No matter how much u dont like it.


Article Comment Jenny commented at 1/20/2010 10:21:00 AM:

on another note why did Jeremy have to go get his sister? Her truck was in the drive way the whole time and wasnt blocked in ? hmmmm....sounds like somebody needs to lie better! If your going to post something stop being a coward and put your name especially if your so called speaking " the facts"!


Article Comment Nikki commented at 1/20/2010 9:58:00 PM:

Jenny, PREACH ON!!!!!!! Apparently these people have no idea just how ignorant and sorry of a coward Jeremy really is. Jeremy will pay for what he did one way or another! And if he doesn't, I hope he ROTS IN HELL for what he did to Curtis and to all of Curtis Clardy's family!


Article Comment racheal commented at 1/20/2010 11:14:00 PM:

to jenny, if you were not there then how do you know that tiffany could have left in her own truck and how do you know that curtis was not making her do whatever he wanted her to do? you dont know that because you were not there. and i would not say that jeremy is a coward by no means for the fact that he thought he was just going to get his sister, he did not know that curtis clardy was trying to set him up. and there are several different times that curtis clardy has been in trouble with the law before because of him drinking and starting a fight. he has a long list of past events that have taken place because of alcohol. and that is a fact and we all know curtis always said there is nothing he likes more than to fight. and he was not 28 when he had his last fight after all he got into a fight maybe two years ago with his own family member and they pulled knives on each other so you get your facts right!!!!


Article Comment racheal commented at 1/20/2010 11:21:00 PM:

and this goes to all of those that are saying that the girl needs to go to jail also she has done nothing wrong all she did was what she was told to do by a man known to fight when he was drinking and who has a past of putting his hands on women, how does anybody know what that poor girl was thinking at that time? you dont and how does anybody know that there are no marks on her from him did they look at her? no they did not and from what i heard she did have marks all over her legs. but i dont think that she was worried about herself more than she was about curtis and her brother since both had to go to the hospital. and if she did not care about curtis then why would she leave west point and go to tupelo to be with curtis and not knowing if her brother was ok or not she knew that he was not as critical as curtis because he was having to go to tupelo.


Article Comment racheal commented at 1/20/2010 11:26:00 PM:

and this goes to all of those that are saying that the girl needs to go to jail also she has done nothing wrong all she did was what she was told to do by a man known to fight when he was drinking and who has a past of putting his hands on women, how does anybody know what that poor girl was thinking at that time? you dont and how does anybody know that there are no marks on her from him did they look at her? no they did not and from what i heard she did have marks all over her legs. but i dont think that she was worried about herself more than she was about curtis and her brother since both had to go to the hospital. and if she did not care about curtis then why would she leave west point and go to tupelo to be with curtis and not knowing if her brother was ok or not she knew that he was not as critical as curtis because he was having to go to tupelo.


Article Comment Concerned commented at 1/21/2010 4:15:00 AM:

GOD is watching, He knows the Truth. There will be no escaping his Justice. You can count on that.


Article Comment Nikki commented at 1/21/2010 9:00:00 AM:

Enough talking about the mistakes Curtis ever made in his life. He was human just like anyone else. NO one is perfect. Jesus Christ was the ONLY perfect one in this world. And I am sick and tired of people trying to make Jeremy look like a perfect angel. Everywhere Jeremy went there was trouble. This is such a sad situation. I pray for everyone that is suffering from this tragedy.


Article Comment Nikki commented at 1/21/2010 9:05:00 AM:

I believe Jenny has her facts straight 100%. She knew the man for years. He was her stepfather.

And to "Concerned": Yes you are right. God is watching and he knows the truth.


Article Comment two sides commented at 1/21/2010 9:08:00 AM:

ok. racheal has a very good point. was all these people thats making comments there when this happened? NO... they are only listening to and spreading rumors themselves. i was not there and can not tell you what happened other than what i've heard myself. however, knowing both sides involved, i do believe curtis lured (the wrong person) out to his house to fight. thats just how he was. i do know that EVERYTIME curtis got to drinking he wanted to fight. fighting and being a tough guy is what he was. he looked for trouble. as for the gas pump fight mentioned above, that shows you what kinda guy he was. bust a mans head open with a gas pump nozzle (that he could have very well whooped with his hands) just because of a rumor. at 28 huh??? well, to me that just shows he was looking for trouble when he was 28. he laughed to people about that. is that a loving man? dont think so. and just because he MAY have not hit women with his fist doesn't men he didn't abuse women. pushing, shoving, flipping and choking women.... thats abuse. i don't care who you are. i'm not saying what barnhill did was right. God will deal with that. not us. but come guys. curtis was not a saint by no means... not even close. it shocks me how alot of these people on here that knew curtis could sit back and act like he was harmless. you wouldn't say that if he were still here. he was a big tough guy, but he looked for trouble. i'm sorry he's gone. but he lured (the worng person) out to his house so he could beat on them because he was drunk and wanted to and they did what they had to to get out of a bad sistuation. as far as justice goes, i bet theirs many people out there that he did wrong against that ask the same question. where's the justice. let God sort this out.


Article Comment two sides commented at 1/21/2010 9:35:00 AM:

your right nikki in a way. NO ONE IS PERFECT but Jesus. we all make mistakes. jeremy was wrong, but so was curtis. two wrongs don't make a right. as far as jenny's facts being 100% straight. think about what you just said. concider this. curtis was jenny's stepdad. that makes her "facts" one sided. remember, there's always two sides to every stories. like i said, two wrongs don't make a right, but do concider the REAL facts.


Article Comment doesn''t matter commented at 1/21/2010 11:46:00 AM:

To EVERYONE defending Jeremy!!!!!!!! Turn the tables and how would YOU feel?? How can you sleep at night defending someone that took another man's life in to his own hands, and then throw JESUS and GOD into your opinions? Looks like to me you dont really know my GOD above!! Maybe thats who everyone involved in this matter needs to turn to GOD put it in HIS hands and whatever comes of this will be in his own will! I know both families and have for years since it is West Point and everybody pretty much "thinks" they know everybody and their business too! Curtis has been around me and my family on several differnet occasions and was always a gentelman and fun to be around! And to all the comments on here in reference to Curtis "beating" I have seen Jeremy's "wife, baby's momma" whatever she is with bruises on her caused by Jeremey as well!!! So does he deserve the same as what he decided to do to Curtis?? What does it really matter what someone did in their past? I mean I think we ALL have done wrong or something we might be ashamed of in our pasts but heck that doesn't mean we deserve something such as this later in life!!! There are people really suffering in this situation they both have brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and or grandchildren! Quit your bickering and defending of a situation YOU KNOW is WRONG! Look at it this way! If it was your family member you know you would want justice to be served one way or another on both sides! As far as the CCSO yes the justice system is West Point is VERY screwed up and anyone who has ever had a loved one that really needed justice in this town should already know this! But if we want it to change WE have to have the guts to stand up for what is right in our town! If enough of us band together and approach the RIGHT PEOPLE I think we can get this "joke of a justice system" in West Point changed so our kids will not have to endure things such as this when and if they need justice! So lets stop complaining and DO IT!!! Jenny, you hang in there girl! All of curtis's family are in my prayers!


Article Comment two sides commented at 1/21/2010 12:46:00 PM:

your right also doesn't matter. but not only are people defending jeremy, they are also defending curtis. your right again. we should all let God sort this out. the real truth is that curtis didn't deserve to die like this. it's also true that he was a tough guy that would plan to beat someone this way if he was drinking. justice needs to be served either way you look at it. i can see both sides of the situation and would honestly be the same way if it were my family either way. niether one of these guys are/were saints. so really everyone should stop painting a pretty picture for either one of them. everyone on here (including myself) has had an opinion about what happened, but i don't believe anyone here was there and can contest to what really happened. until that happens all should really put their brushes down.


Article Comment doesn''''t matter commented at 1/21/2010 1:04:00 PM:

TWO SIDES just tell me this if you say everyone needs to quit painting a pretty picture then why do you keep trying to paint an ugly picture for Curtis?? as you stated above "it's also true that he was a tough guy that would plan to beat someone this way if he was drinking" How do YOU know this as a FACT? Have you seen this or just heard it hearsay like what you know on this whole case HEARSAY!!!!My bets are on you dont! Let him rest in peace! Who would want themselves or someone in their family after they're gone to have every skeleton in their closet drug out? I'm sure you wouldnt and I'm sure you have some! Leave it alone! Because its obvious with your constant negative comments toward Mr. Clardy that you dont really believe there is "two sides" looks like to me you've picked your side. You must be the typical small town drama lover!!! So why not just let the family who has lost a love one have peace!? LET THE MAN REST! Regardless of what he did in his past he still had UNCONDITIONAL love from his family and friends!!!


Article Comment two sides commented at 1/21/2010 5:15:00 PM:

DOESN"T MATTER it seems to me you are the one that has picked sides here. everyone does have a dark or ugly past as you have stated. i'm not trying to paint an ugly picture for clardy or barnhill. i'm really sick of all this he said she said going on. and just to fill you in, i know both families VERY well and yes... it is a fact that I KNOW he liked to fight and be the tough guy when he was drinking. anyone that REALLY knew him knew this. my heart goes out to him and his family and i do not think what barnhill did is exceptable by NO means. i'm only saying that maybe, just maybe if you did know how it went you would have done the same to protect your family and yourself. i would walk through a lions den with porkchop underware on for my family, but if i had a choice, i wouldn't let the lion eat me. and would do what i had to to keep the lion from eating me.


Article Comment justice commented at 1/21/2010 10:20:00 PM:

Doesn't matter who you believe is right or wrong. For the sake of both people and families and to once and for all get some fair justice here,
PLEASE sign the petition to have this brought before the Ms. District Attorneys office. It is the only way either side will know that justice and fairness has been done. There is no way in my opinion that there can ever be a fair trial in this area with all the politics and favors and friendships involved. No matter how small or how large the crime, no justice here. So please let's take this chance to get it out of the hands of the people here and sign the petition or call the Ms. District Attorneys office in Jackson and ask for someone to come in and investigate and help.
for justice go to Do not be mislead by the title. This is not just for Curtis. If it is out of the local hands then neither side can claim favors.


Article Comment racheal commented at 1/21/2010 11:45:00 PM:

thank you two sides for stating what i have been trying to say all along. i know both families and i know how much curtis liked to show his man hood as he would call it. and we all know that jeremy would do anything to protect his family even if it meant him taking a beaten. but one thing we know for sure is that jeremy is not a cold blooded murderer, jeremy has never even come close to killing someone or bragging about the fights that he has been in before. whereas curtis would get to drinking and bragging about how he loved to fight and when he did fight he would fight to try and put the other person in the hospital, if he could. he would brag about how much he liked to break other peoples bones and cause as much pain to them as he could. and most of us know that curtis is a big man and even though he did not need a knife he always had one in his pocket. he would say it is just in case something breaks out he would cut his way out. i am not trying to bring out all of his past but this is not his past this is the way that he was up until his last breath and we all know curtis would want to be remember for all that he has done. that is just the way that he was. i do pray for his peace and for peace for both families. but i also pray for this town to one day see the truth and accept it for you all know that you would have done whatever you had to in order to protect your family, if you thought that they were in trouble.


Article Comment j commented at 1/22/2010 5:48:00 AM:

blah blah blah.. no one will ever remember anything good about anyone unless all the facts are told and a fair trial is held and the truth..the whole truth comes out for both sides. so i agree let's get it moved out of here before more trouble comes up when this goes to court. everyone knows good and bad about both parties. but justice and a fair trial will be the only thing that will bring peace. and it won't happen here. get busy helping get this trial moved. bring someone in to look into all this before something else happens please.


Article Comment Jenny commented at 1/22/2010 11:50:00 AM:

Point is there are 2 sides u believe urs I believe mine. May the law realize the one that is right! Im done arguing with people who only think they know Curtis and his family. So think all u want the truth is what matters.


Article Comment two sides commented at 1/22/2010 3:57:00 PM:

jenny. thank you. enough is enough. it does not matter whos side anyone believes in. as long as it is a FAIR hearing. both sides deserve that. i dated (kinda. he was married at the time) curtis and don't have any sides either way. just hope the trail is fair, the truth is told and everyone moves on.


Article Comment j commented at 1/22/2010 5:01:00 PM:



Article Comment 2 cents commented at 1/25/2010 12:49:00 AM:

I have known Jeremy ALL my life. And, I'm sorry, but Jeremy Barnhill is NOT going to go out there with pre-meditated intentions to kill! Would Jeremy take a loaded gun for his protection in case he was in the situation where he feared for his own life? Yes, he would. (I know someone is going to argue.."Well, why did he go in the first place with a loaded gun..dead end.. sister could leave.. blah..blah..west point drama..rumors.. 1,000 scenarios..and so on?") I don't know, and neither do any of you. I, like the rest of you, was not there. I am simply having to rely off of what I have been told from the families. Yes, I know, and have heard both sides of the families' stories from people close to each person. So, please everyone just drop it, and let it be handled in court in April. Because frankly I'm so tired of all of you people who were not there trying to create the scenario that works best for you. It is so sad that this man lost his life, and I grieve for his family and friends who will forever miss him. Do not for one second think that if Jeremy down right admitted to pre-meditated murder, as most of you accuse him of, that I wouldn't want him locked up for life. That's justice, and that's what wpuld be right. But, I do not believe that he purposely went out there with the sole intention of killing Curtis. I know Jeremy, and the fact that he killed a man will haunt him for the rest of his life, and he will regret it for the rest of his life, as would anyone. So, just let it be. Nothing any of you say can make any of this change, and won't bring Curtis back. It's a sad situation. And, besides Jeremy, God is the only one who will EVER truly know why Jeremy shot Curtis, and he will be the one who ultimately will have the right to judge him. There's my 2 cents.


Article Comment racheal commented at 1/25/2010 1:54:00 AM:

2 cents you make a very good point, and that is very true about jeremy barnhill he is not in any way a murderer and we all know that he would have done anything he could have to keep that from happening if he could have. but that is the point it happened and all of the people need to let it go and when the grand jury decides what to do in April then it will be done with. and until then nobody will know the truth about what happened that night out there but all of you making comments need to think about what kind of man jeremy really is. we all know that he could/would never have intentions of killing someone and that will be something that will haunt him for the rest of his life. and it is also true that only one person can truely judge us and that is GOD.

and as for you jenny you can keep believing your side of the story but you were not there and you are also known for stirring up a lot of gossip so why dont you do everybody a favor and shut your mouth, because has i recall you are known as mouth of the south because you like to gossip about everything that you can. and when the truth comes out i do believe that everybody will see what a liar you are.


Article Comment R commented at 1/25/2010 10:31:00 AM:

2 cents & Rachel Let's face it Jeremy is a murderer and Yes, I know for a fact from Tiffany and Curtis that Jeremy and his Dad, Jerry had been threatening to kill Curtis for weeks prior to him killing Curtis. If Jeremy was so concerned for Tiffany why did she not move in with him insteaad of telling Curtis she had no where to go when she lost custody of her children. I don't live in West Point but I know the 2 days I was in for the funeral that several people in business establishments made comments about how the Barnhill family was nothing but trouble except for their mother. I also talked with the police and they stated that Jeremy has had several run ins with the law. So let's not act like he is so innocent! It sounds like a young punk that has not been held responsible for his actions because of his family ties to law enforcement.

Over the last months of Curtis's life, my family was very blessed to spend alot of time with Curtis and Tiffany. It is unfornuate that Tiffany's problems in her life and lack of family support caused Curtis' death. Curtis cared about her. He was trying to help her get into school and get her kids back. Again, where was Jeremy and this family that cared so much about her!

I am sorry if someone is threatening to kill someone for weeks and they get in the truck and drive 14 miles with a loaded gun THEY MEAN TO SHOOT SOMEONE!! You don't shoot someone twice in the stomach if you don't mean to KILL THEM!!

So for you slandering Jenny, you really need to keep your mouth shut because Jenny knew Curtis better than anyone. She was his daughter and knew what was going on his in life. Unfornuately, Curtis would not listen to her or his mother about staying away from Tiffany and her troubled family.

In any other town or city, Jeremy would have been arrested immediately! He would have had to bond out and then would have to wait for the grand jury! THAT IS THE WAY A REAL JUSTICE SYSTEM WORKS!!! Do you really think if Curtis shot Jeremy he would not be in jail???

You can try to defend Jeremy all you want but your words will not excuse his actions!! I know for a fact Jerry Barnhill threatened Curtis's brother less than 24 hours after Jeremy shot Curtis!! It sounds like the Barnhill's think they are above the law and a bunch of heartless rednecks!! But I guess the sheriff knows that already and still wants to do nothing. How many Clardy's have to make reports to Eddie Scott and the sheriff department before something is done!! GOD KNOWS CURTIS DID WEEKS BEFORE HE WAS KILLED and look what happened to him!! The Barnhills need to be stopped before someone else is killed or hurt.


Article Comment racheal commented at 1/26/2010 12:40:00 AM:

to r, first off it sounded like you were telling everybody about how happy tiffany made curtis and then you started talking about how his mother and jenny told him to stay away from her because her and her family are trouble. which one is it did she make him happy or did she cause him a lot of drama. well from the two people you say told him that they seem to be the ones that were starting drama(jenny and his mom) and as for the barnhill family they have not had contact with curtis clady in several months and curtis never went to the CCSD at anytime and reported anything to them.
and as far as it goes with jerry barnhill making threats to the clardy family after curtis was shot that is not true by no means because i know for a fact that the barnhills were calling the hospital in tupelo and checking on curtis to see how he was doing, now does that sound like something that a murderer would do? not to me it doesnt and just like when they were in wp together at the hospital several people have said that jeremy was asking the whole time how curtis was doing and if he was ok? he had people go down there and check on him until he was airlifted out of west point. and has for all of the barnhills being trouble except for the mother you are so out of line on that one because none of them have a record really maybe some speeding tickets but that is it. and has for tiffany she has never been in trouble before at all for anything.


Article Comment JR commented at 1/26/2010 2:50:00 PM:

My sympathies go out to the family for their loss.

Let's change the names and the locations and imagine it were someone else, somewhere else.

Self-defense means you were in fear of your life when you defended yourself.

If you were afraid of a man with a reputation and if that man had threatened you, why would you drive to his house?

If that same man confronted you in front of his house and you were in fear of your life, why didn't you just drive away?

Wouldn't that man be in fear of his life if he had received threats and now you had driven to his house to confront him?

If you were protecting your sister, why did you come alone?

If that bad man had it coming, you still had options to avoid shooting him unless that was your intent.

It is cowardice to bring a gun to an unarmed man.

If the justice system is honest, they will find you guilty.

The local police should have the integrity to arrest you and let you go through the legal court system, as anyone else would of had they drove to someone's house had a confrontation and shot them dead.

We all all know someone that we might like to deal with and take the law into our own hands.

But that is why we live by morality and laws.

Follow the laws or follow the road to incarceration.

Good Luck Cedar Bluff


Article Comment 2 cents commented at 1/26/2010 8:48:00 PM:

To R: "I don't live in West Point but I know the 2 days I was in for the funeral that several people in business establishments made comments about how the Barnhill family was nothing but trouble except for their mother."

See, that's your first mistake. West Point is going to create and stir up so much crap that the truth is stretched so far by the time its over that the people who were actually there question what really happened! And, while you are slandering all of the Barnhill's names, and calling them hillbilly rednecks, I tend to keep scrolling up to the top of your post to read "I don't live in West Point...blah blah.. what I heard is this.." Well, how about you take what you hear with a grain of salt, because as you said you don't live here, so what that means is you really don't know them, and you really don't have a right to slander the WHOLE Barnhill name, oh I'm sorry besides their mother. Do you know any of the others? Do they deserve to have their names slandered because you "think" you know something, because you "heard" it in West Point?!

I just wanted to make that point, I'm not going to sit here and argue with any of you about any of this, because I have my opinion as do each and every one of you. I have never claimed Jeremy to be a saint, if I did, please quote me on that. I said he is not the type of person who would plot for weeks the murder of this man.


Article Comment Jenny commented at 2/7/2010 10:08:00 AM:

For Rachel... U must think u know me. A liar I am not! Gossip Iam not. Why dont u stop all the gossiping on here and that is exactly what its called and just keep ur mouth shut! Like I said enough is enough u have heard "hear say " just like everybody else has in West Point MS, and the fact is you wasnt there either the night it all happened and your only speaking what u think u know! So in April may the truth come out! THE END


Article Comment S.... commented at 3/2/2010 12:24:00 PM:

To Everyone in support of justice:

Barnhill's lawyer is reading all of this, some of the things you are saying can and (most likely) will be used to try an keep him free. Let his family keep running their mouth and defending their little monster, it will all pay off in the end (when he has to share a small concert room with his ilk).


Article Comment Jennifer, Delaware commented at 3/2/2010 2:03:00 PM:

Let his attorney read this all he wants to. If he needs to look to the web and a public website (where anyone can state their OPINION) to help his case, some attorney he is not to just state the facts as they are!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL HAVE JUSTICE FOR CURTIS <3 RIP Curtis <3


Article Comment Concerned commented at 3/15/2010 10:11:00 PM:

No matter how hard both sides argue their point, all is happening here is this

1) one side tries to paint Curtis as a bad guy
2) then the other side tries to paint Jeremy as a bad guy.
3) then one side tries to paint Curtis as a good guy
4) then the other side tries to paint Jeremy as a good guy.

What we have here is a a battle of "hearsay" on an article on the web trying to build up or tear down each other's character. Hearsay is not admissible in court. If you have "proof" of such character then you need to be in the courtroom as a character witness instead of trying to win it on CDispatch's comment section.

The main concern here is not can you win over the community with your opinions here about Curtis or Jeremy, but should be can you use this opportunity to bring enough public exposure to the Clay County Sheriff's Department to handle this matter in an appropriate manner.

What it all boils down to is this. The court will be presented with evidence. The evidence so far shows there was a gun used by Jeremy. It is my understanding that a knife was never found on Curtis. If no knife was ever found then Jeremy shot an unarmed man and there was only one witness to that and it was a friend of Curtis.

So the courts will be presented with the undeniable fact that Jeremy shot Curtis. It will be interesting to see how the courts lean on this one seeing as a knife wasn't found. Doesn't matter what a lawyer reads in here. I'm sure there are enough character witnesses to counter any attack from Jeremy's witnesses that will try to paint Curtis as a "bad character with a history".

I don't know Jeremy Barnhill, but the facts are against him. He shot a man and he may have to pay for it. Should he? Maybe it is God's will that he pay for killing someone regardless of if it was self defense or not.


Article Comment Concerned commented at 3/16/2010 9:51:00 AM:

I have a question about Jeremy.

If Jeremy was so worried about his sister being in danger then why did he not call the sheriff to help?

Wasn't he friends with the sheriff's son? Surely Jeremy would have trusted Laddie enough to protect his sister instead of having to carry a gun to Curtis' house knowing there was a chance he might have to use the gun to shoot Curtis. It seems like Jeremy chose to take the law into his own hands by choosing to carry a gun instead of the law.

I know if it were me an I wanted "revenge" then I wouldn't involve the law and would have carried a gun but if I was truly scared of someone then I would have had the law assist me in helping get my sister. It really sounds like Jeremy made a bad choice.


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