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New restaurant taking over Santa Fe Cattle Co. location


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A new restaurant chain promising "good Southern food at great prices" is on its way to Columbus, taking over the building along Highway 82 vacated late last year by Santa Fe Cattle Co. 


Caney Fork Restaurant will officially open in Columbus in February, the company said in a release. The restaurant, which operates a 10,000-square-foot location at the entrance to Opryland in Nashville, is the first of six restaurants the company plans to open this year.  


The restaurant plans to eventually employ about 80 workers, the same number employed by Santa Fe Cattle Co. The restaurant is accepting applications on its Web site,  


"Since we are so well known by the many people who have visited the original Caney Fork over the years, we thought it was time to take the brand to several southern towns that could really appreciate good southern food and great prices," Wayne Harris, director of operations for Caney Fork, said in a release. "You will not find a better value or better service in the South. We offer everything from Fried Pickles or Green Beans for appetizers, to pulled pork or our famous Caney burger for lunch, to our Seafood Platter or Slow Cooked Ribs with the best BBQ sauce you will ever taste for dinner. You can finish it off with a homemade banana pudding or cobbler and we will guaranty you will be satisfied." 


Crews this week were at work this week at the 528 18th Ave. N. location this week, beginning renovations to the building. Santa Fe Cattle Co., based in Brentwood, Tenn., closed its restaurant at the location behind Leigh Mall in October after filing for bankruptcy. 


"Our goal is to have the decor in each location reflect as much of the local people, business and culture as we can and to hire as many local residents to make sure Caney Fork is truly a local Columbus family restaurant," Harris said. 


"This is an excellent location for all of the residents of Columbus to get to, and the visibility from the interstate will allow anyone traveling through the mid parts of Mississippi and Alabama to see we are now here and open for business."




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Cathy Davis commented at 1/20/2010 8:56:00 PM:

I hope they move to Tupelo and take over the old Santa Fe location.


Article Comment ELIZABETH commented at 1/20/2010 9:40:00 PM:



Article Comment Tim commented at 1/20/2010 9:46:00 PM:

THIS PLACE ROCKS!! I have been to the location in Nashville and it is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. Their food is awesome...I love their ribs the most. I am so excited to for this place to open! A friend of mine told me they are opening up in Tupelo as well but I am not sure how true that is. Let's EAT!!!


Article Comment jared commented at 1/20/2010 9:49:00 PM:

Come on people, someone please proofread the articles. GUARANTY is suppose to be GUARANTEE....i think its just funny!!

Caney Fork, welcome to Columbus!!


Article Comment Haley M commented at 1/21/2010 5:56:00 AM:


We don't have an INTERSTATE in Columbus!


Article Comment Harold r Weeks Sr commented at 1/21/2010 8:16:00 AM:

Welcome too Columbus,Mississippi Good too have a good place too eat, looking forward too enjoying your food.


Article Comment debug commented at 1/21/2010 8:50:00 AM:

Also "this week" is in one sentence 3 times.


Article Comment debug commented at 1/21/2010 9:12:00 AM:

On their website they indicate that they are opening in Tupelo also.


Article Comment KRISTEN commented at 1/21/2010 9:45:00 AM:

i know for a fact they are opening one in tupelo in the next few weeks


Article Comment Mick Smith commented at 1/21/2010 9:48:00 AM:

I'll miss Santa Fe but this sounds like a great replacement.


Article Comment Tim commented at 1/21/2010 9:58:00 AM:

I did find out for sure that Tupelo will be opening soon as well. I am so excited (as I said before) for this place to open. Once you all stop in once, you will know what I mean. I was only able to eat at the old Santa Fe once and Caney Fork blows them out of the water. Check out their Nashville site (it is a like a Bass Pro Shops Restaurant) My cousin told me they have a new website for Columbus at


Article Comment Bub commented at 1/21/2010 10:32:00 AM:

Since when did Hwy 82 become I82?


Article Comment no good places to eat in west point! commented at 1/21/2010 10:44:00 AM:

Go Columbus! Wish someone would open up a good resturant in West Point. We have only a couple. We have to travel to Columbus or Starkville or Tupelo to get really good food.


Article Comment Rob commented at 1/21/2010 11:26:00 AM:

With all the grammatical errors, it is no wonder that the writer is not listed.


Article Comment steve commented at 1/21/2010 11:35:00 AM:

Quiet please! Don't let anyone know we don't have an interstate. We're smack dab in the middle of two SEC universities. I think that's as good as any interstate!


Article Comment Teddy commented at 1/21/2010 11:35:00 AM:

I think someone let their kindergartener write this article.


Article Comment Slate commented at 1/21/2010 11:42:00 AM:

Highway 82 is built to intersate standards.


Article Comment Sah commented at 1/21/2010 1:43:00 PM:

82 is an interstate believe it or not... and the writers for this paper don't seem to be well trained in their writing techniques.. or maybe they just like the phrase "this week"


Article Comment Trucker commented at 1/21/2010 2:02:00 PM:

Sorry Sah...but 82 is not an Slate said, it is built to interstate specs(on parts of it anyway). That's the reason the speed limit is set at 70mph because it IS at interstate specs. I haven't quite figured out what or why that parts are at interstate specs, but they are. Right now 82 is still a "U.S." Highway. I'm under the impression that at sometime in the future, 82 will be transformed into an interstate like U.S. Hwy. 78 that will soon be Interstate 22(corridor X). Let's all hope so!


Article Comment R. L. commented at 1/22/2010 9:27:00 AM:

I used to work at Sante Fe and was dissapointed when they shut down. I dont know why, it was usually always busy there at the Columbus location. I am happy though that a new restaurant is going to take over its old location. It seemed like such a waste to have a nice, bearly 2 year old building just sitting there taking up dust when it was in such a great location. Now we just need to fill the other 26 empty buidlings in Columbus! This is also great news for the people looking for jobs in Columbus. Most of my friends who worked at Sante Fe when it closed down went and worked at other casual dining restaurants like AppleBees, maybe they will come back to their old building.


Article Comment Cannot Believe U Guys commented at 1/22/2010 1:42:00 PM:

for all of you that are harping about the word interstate. insterstate is a highway that connects two states. HWY 82 runs from MS to AL. for you people that don't understand abbreviation that Mississippi to Alabama. You wonder why people fly this area or just never come. Geez.


Article Comment Trucker commented at 1/22/2010 4:19:00 PM:

Response to: Cannot Believe U Guys

I was just waiting for someone to comment on what an interstate highway was. I trucked the 48 contiguous states for over 20 years with 2 1/2 million SAFE miles and can ASSURE you I know the difference between an Interstate Highway and a U.S Highway. Contrary to the stereotypical hype about truckers being dumb, that is not always the case.

FYI...The interstate highway system that was born out of the signing of the Federal-Aid Highway Act by President Eisenhower on June 29, 1956 is identified in this manner: The Interstate route marker is a red, white, and blue shield, carrying the word "Interstate", the State name, and the route number. Officials of AASHTO developed the procedure for numbering the routes. Major Interstate routes are designated by one- or two-digit numbers. Routes with odd numbers run north and south, while even numbered run east and west. For north-south routes, the lowest numbers begin in the west, while the lowest numbered east-west routes are in the south. By this method, Interstate Route 5 (I-5) runs north-south along the west coast, while I-10 lies east-west along the southern border.

I challenge you or anyone to take your trusty digital camera and photograph a sign anywhere along U.S. Hwy 82 that matches the description aformentioned. U.S. Hwy. 82 is just that..a U.S. Highway. If you would simply open a Rand McNally road atlas, it will help you determine every road from a simple 'county road' to a 'state highway' to a 'U.S. Highway' etc., etc. If more people would LEARN what highway signs, mile markers, solid lines, striped lines, yellow lines and white lines were actually for, the highways would be a much safer place!

Cheers... and I hope Caney Fork Restaurant prospers immensely with all the people that will venture off of "U.S. Highway 82" to eat there!


Article Comment jusme commented at 1/23/2010 7:49:00 AM:

OMG! This is a article about a restaurant coming to the town of Columbus...not a debate whether its located near a highway or interstate...yall add each other on Facebook and duke it out there...Im not from this yahoo town, but I am glad to see that someone here wants to upgrade hats off to Caney Fork, and I hope they keep the bar open later tho, those Texas Teas where awesome!


Article Comment mdotson commented at 1/23/2010 5:30:00 PM:

Come on people get a life!!!! This article is informing Columbus about a new estabishment. All the 82 is a highway not a interstate is stupid. So what the writer made a few mistakes no one is perfect. Like I said GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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