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Construction to begin on Pat Station Road extension


Tim Pratt



STARKVILLE -- Construction on an extension of Pat Station Road could start within weeks, following action from the Starkville Board of Aldermen this week. 


City Engineer Edward Kemp said pre-construction conferences will take place in the coming weeks with Columbus-based Ellis Construction Co., which will complete the project for $977,381.46. The construction will extend Pat Station Road approximately 3,600 feet from Old West Point Road to North Montgomery Street. Aldermen accepted the bid for the project Tuesday. 


Kemp said he expects construction to start "probably within the next three weeks." 


The decision to accept the bid Tuesday night, however, came after several nearby residents voiced their concerns about potential flooding in the area, the location of a water main and the impending removal of trees along property lines.  


Aldermen accepted the bid with a 5-2 vote, with only Ward 6 Alderman Roy A. Perkins and Ward 7 Alderman Henry Vaughn Sr. voting against it. Vaughn initially voted in favor of the bid, but then changed his vote to the opposing side.  


Aldermen on Tuesday also rejected a developer''s request to rezone approximately five acres at the southwest corner of Hospital Road and Hiwassee Drive. The city''s Planning and Zoning Commission had recommended aldermen deny the request based on the belief that there had not been enough change in the area to warrant a rezoning, and the zoning change would not satisfy a public need. 


The property is split, with half in a R-1 single-family zone and the other half in a R-3 multi-family zone. Developer Carlos White wanted to rezone the entire property to C-1 neighborhood commercial. 


"His idea was to sell (the property) to somebody for a medical office or a nursing home or something medical related," City Planner Ben Griffith said. 


Griffith recommended aldermen approve the rezoning based on construction at OCH Regional Medical Center, which has begun since the planning and zoning commission ruled not enough change had occurred in the area to warrant a rezoning. Griffith also cited other projects along Hospital Road, including construction of a women''s clinic and multi-use path.  


But Ward 5 Alderman Jeremiah Dumas made the motion to follow the planning and zoning commission''s recommendation for denial, saying h didn''t believe enough change had taken place in the area to warrant a rezoning. Only Ward 3 Alderman Eric Parker and Ward 6 Alderman Roy A. Perkins voted against the Planning and Zoning Commission''s recommendation for denial.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Realist commented at 4/22/2010 10:51:00 AM:

So Parker & Perkins voted on behalf of the developer... Imagine that.

And Parker, who has a pecuniary interest in the outcome of the Stormwater Drainage Ordinance, pushed the issue and got it approved. If Vaughn and Dumas had to recuse themselves from the School Board issue because of an indrect affiliation (daughter and wife were employeed by SSD), why is it that Parker can push this through when he has a DIRECT affiliation as a builder and developer? He indeed has a pecuniary interest in this issue and should have recused himself. Why is that not being reported on?


Article Comment Ted commented at 4/25/2010 7:39:00 PM:

My thoughts exactly, Realist. I have been asking the question about Parker recusing himself on zoning and development issues since he first took office. Another story is our City Planner, who sides with the developers each and every time, regardless of the recommendations from Planning and Zoning.


Article Comment Realist commented at 4/26/2010 10:04:00 AM:


Look at who the City Planner reports to-- the CAO, L. Spruill, is a developer herself. E. Parker should have recused himself from the stormwater issue just like he did the rezoning issues.


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