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Parolee suspected in Columbus assaults nabbed in Florida


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Kenneth Macon, who has been a person of interest in two residential break-ins and a brutal assault in Columbus, has been apprehended in Florida, according to Columbus police. 


Macon, 28, of 1568 Hughes Road, was arrested Monday at 2:42 p.m. by the Holmes County Sheriff''s Department in Florida, Columbus officials said in a release. He was charged with aggravated fleeing and eluding law enforcement and false information to a law enforcement officer.  


Once charges in Florida are taken care of, Macon will be extradited back to Columbus to face charges of aggravated assault and robbery in connection with an incident which occurred on Feb. 4 at 613 16th Avenue South, Columbus officials said. In that incident, Macon allegedly tried to attack a woman with a knife before fleeing with her purse. 


Macon is also a person of interest in an attack and robbery which occurred on Feb. 8, which sent a Columbus couple to the hospital, after they discovered a man believed to be Macon hiding in a closet in their 903 11th Ave. S. residence. The suspect stabbed both victims and hit them with a claw hammer before fleeing in their pickup truck, which was later recovered. 


Macon, 28, had been on the loose since January, after his 48-hour pass from the Walnut Grove Transitional Center in Leake County expired. He was on probation on drug charges. 


According to a report in the Holmes County, Fla., Times Advertiser, Macon was captured after a chase when Holmes County sheriff''s deputies tried to stop his blue Ford SUV. According to reports, deputies and Graceville, Fla., police chased the vehicle for four miles before it struck an oncoming vehicle. Macon allegedly gave a false name to police, but the driver was later discovered to be Macon, according to the report. Additional charges would be filed by the Graceville Police Department and the Florida Highway Patrol, the report said. 


Macon had been at large after falling to turn himself in on Jan. 31, after a 48-hour pass granted by the Mississippi Department of Corrections had expired. Macon had been staying at the Walnut Grove Transitional Center since last November. 


Walnut Grove is private-owned facility, but is under MDOC guidelines. 


According to Columbus police, Macon was being held on charges of violation of probation and possession of cocaine. He was wearing a GPS ankle bracelet, but cut it off.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment stare k commented at 5/4/2010 9:25:00 PM:

If you are man enough to do the crime, Well, well ,You should be man enough to do the time. I know a lot of peopel can rest much better knowing that you are in custody. congralation you made your bed hard so lay in it.Jessie Gardner was a nice person .He didn' deserve what you did to him /wife .


Article Comment Jules commented at 5/5/2010 1:12:00 AM:

It is much easier being a crook these days. You are more likely to be caught, but because so many are caught, you are less likely to do serious time. There is only so much room at the local, state or federal inn for the unjust.


Article Comment Jane commented at 5/5/2010 8:24:00 AM:

Kenneth Maoon is some kind of animal. People like him cannot be rehabilitated and he should spend the rest of his life behind bars. I do wonder how he was able to elude authorities for as long as he did, but my theory is that he had help, likely that help came from his family and if that is the case, they deserve to be in jail too!!!!


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