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Troubled school districts close to state takeover


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JACKSON -- House-Senate budget negotiators have agreed to use at least $3 million to buttress four school districts -- including Noxubee County -- on the brink of running out of cash and being taken over by the state. 


The bill specifies none of the funds can be spent until an interim state conservator has been appointed by the state Department of Education to oversee the troubled school districts. 


The budget bill, which could be presented to the House and Senate today for a final vote, also calls for the Department of Education to use whatever federal stimulus funds it can get. 


Noxubee County and three others have been close to financial collapse because of revenue shortages and mismanagement, according to state Education Superintendent Hank Bounds. 


The Noxubee County, Indianola, Kemper County and Tate County school districts don''t have enough money to pay employees. 


Bounds said the only option left is for the Department of Education to intervene with more funds for keeping the schools running for the rest of the semester. 


"We''ve exhausted every source we can," he said last month. 


Bounds asked the state Legislature to quickly provide emergency funding for the state to take them over.




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Article Comment Shante commented at 3/11/2009 4:59:00 PM:

If I make no mistake, Noxubee and Kemper County was taken off of that list because the state admitted that they had made a mistake. In fact, in today's Clarion Ledger it says that Noxubee and Kemper Counties had been removed from the list. So where is the Commercial Dispatch getting its information? If you are interested in reading the Clarion Ledger story check out this link:


Article Comment kevin commented at 3/12/2009 9:14:00 AM:

Have you seen the press release from MDE? If you have will you retract or will you do a second article with the press release from MDE?


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