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Building permits 11-2-17


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


Oct. 24, 2017- Oct. 30, 2017 


■ Robert Ivy; 324 3rd St. S.; Gas Inspection; Brislin, Inc. 


■ Linda Fer; 522 6th St. S.; Gas Inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Paul Reed; 126 S. McCrary Road; Gas Inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Swoope Realty; 225 4th St. N.; Gas Inspection; Ralph Shaw 


■ Bud Phillips; 501 7th St. N.; Gas Inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Sandra DePriest; 520 7th St. N.; Gas Inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Rhett Realty; 99 Gardenia Dr. ; Gas Inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Robert Turnipseed; 144 Lee St.; Gas Inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Jason Wheeler; 611 4th Ave. S.; Gas Inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Bernice Jones; 216 4th St. N.; Gas Inspection; Owner 


■ Phillip Long; 1125 Park Circle; New Plumbing; Kenny Pollard 


■ Kenny Frye; 1096 Southdown Pkwy.; New Plumbing; Kenny Pollard 


■ Holliman, Geraldine; 719 Warpath Road; Gas Inspection; Kenny Pollard 


■ Plaza Office; 501 7th St. N., Apt. #9; Gas Inspection; Brislin, Inc. 


■ Leah Lopez; 801 Highway 45 N.; Electrical Addition; Frank Finney 


■ John Brown; 804 Alabama St.; Electrical Inspection; Steven Collins 


■ Alan Smith; 1506 16th Ave. N.; New Electrical Inspection; George Beavers 


■ Jason Clark; 420 Woolbright; Electrical Inspection; George Beavers 


■ Stuart & Kallie Phillips; 471 Island Road; Electrical Inspection; Gordon Via 


■ Pear Orchard Management; 636 31st Ave. N.; Electrical Inspection; Dan Weathers 


■ CMS Wireless; 811 15th St. S.; Electrical Inspection; Mike Williams 


■ Andrew Colom; 714 10th St. N.; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


■ John Daniel ; 3566 Military Road; Replace Trailer; Owner 


■ Columbus Lowndes Riverwalk; 50 West Main St.; Temporary Banner; Banner




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