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Some Oktibbeha residents must alter mailboxes


Tim Pratt



Residents of Oktibbeha County who have non-traditional mailbox posts could soon face fines if the posts aren''t replaced. 


In order for Oktibbeha County to receive Mississippi Department of Transportation Office of State Aid road construction funds, all mailboxes along State Aid road rights-of-way in the county -- not in the city of Starkville -- must be placed atop 4-by-4-inch wooden posts, or "breakaway" posts, county administrator Don Posey said. Counties receive State Aid funds for road improvements and construction projects, but must conform to State Aid regulations to receive the funds.  


State Aid funds for the overlay of Oktoc Road, for instance, could be withheld due to multiple mailbox posts in the right-of-way which don''t conform to State Aid standards, Posey said. Oktibbeha County receives approximately $49,900 a year in State Aid funds, he said.  


"It''s a pretty big deal," Posey said. 


County road crews will soon take an inventory of non-traditional mailboxes, such as those with brick structures or decorative chain-link posts, and Posey will send residents of those homes letters informing them of the mailbox requirements. Posey said he already sent letters to all county residents about the State Aid standards, but the next round of letters will go to residents whose boxes are still in violation. 


Posey said he is unsure when he will send the letters, but it could be a few weeks. Then, residents will have 30 days to replace the mailboxes or face fines, Posey said. The county has yet to establish a fine structure, he said. 


Posey estimates there are 300 to 400 non-conforming mailboxes in Oktibbeha County and acknowledged it will be difficult to locate all of them.  


"But we''ve got to try," he said.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment frankiebird commented at 5/18/2010 5:08:00 PM:

My son had just left a store in Clay County at 3:00 PM on his way deer hunting. Driving approximately 45 mph, he drove off the road while opening a gatorade. The bumper of his Z71 Chevrolet truck struck a brick "tower" as he called it and the impact totaled the truck! The shoulder of the county road was level with the road and if the mail box had been a "breakaway," I am sure the accident would have been classified as a minor fender-bender. I can't recall if we paid out of pocket to replace the resident's "tower" or if our insurance paid, but I do remember discussing with the resident that the mail box wasn't in compliance with Dept of Transportation, but they were unconcerned about being in compliance and insisted that the "tower" be rebuilt. I think the reconstruction was about $400.00! This incidence occurred several years ago, and I have noticed that the "tower" has since been removed and replaced with a "breakaway." Suppose Clay County is ahead of Oktibbeha concerning mailboxes! The brick structures are very dangerous!


Article Comment J commented at 5/19/2010 3:02:00 PM:

Are you kidding me...This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. If you are repaving a road and the residence has a mailbox that is non-traditional then ok (I still dont get it, but ok), but to make them all change their mailboxes doesnt make much sense to me. It's sounds like Medicare/Medicaid...doing everything they can not to pay hospitals for their patients. You offer it to everybody but then don't want to pay when they need medical care...Boy our state is full of real winners!!!


Article Comment Paladin commented at 5/19/2010 3:28:00 PM:

I feel this way about trees. I wish they would be breakaways..... and guardrails. Those things are way too immovable.

I've often wondered why we don't use the post office for tasks like this. Wouldn't they know better than anyone where these horrible, dangerous, weapons of mass destruction are? Couldn't we just ask them instead of making this out to be some huge impossible job?


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