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Marriages and divorces 1-25-18


Dispatch Staff Report



Lowndes County  


Marriages for December 


■ Merill Hayden and Jacquelin Easterwood; Dec. 1 


■ Derek Pierce and Jessica Lancaster; Dec. 2. 


■ Bryan Walker and Christy Fultz; Dec. 2. 


■ Abdallah Amro and Jeronica Davis; Dec. 4. 


■ Lorraine Gaddis and Deborah Holt; Dec. 5.  


■ Matthew Hill and Shanta Henley; Dec. 5.  


■ Kendrick Colvin and Nicole Edwards; Dec. 6. 


■ Jarod Beasley and Kristen Crawford; Dec. 8. 


■ Jonathan Strange and Laoghaire Dun; Dec. 8. 


■ Joshua Gillis and Mary Rhudy; Dec 9. 


■ Michael Unruh and Darby Williams; Dec. 9. 


■ Brand Emerson and Lindsay Collins; Dec 9.  


■ Darrian Bradley and Imani Daniels; Dec. 11. 


■ Kenneth Ramsey and Andrea Robertson; Dec. 14.  


■ Laquinto Summerville and Niteria Butler; Dec. 14.  


■ Aaron Burton and Brittany Tomlin; Dec. 15. 


■ Ricki Weber and Denise Brown; Dec. 16.  


■ Cayson Sawyer and Rachael Ward; Dec. 16. 


■ Carson Miller and Ann Chilcutt; Dec. 18 


■ Thomas Thomas and Shanell Meady; Dec. 18.  


■ Lionel Jones and Takasha Malone; Dec. 19. 


■ Jesse Stanfield and Destiny Martin; Dec. 21.  


■ Jabari Edwards and Alexis Dickerson; Dec. 22.  


■ Richard Russo and Khemika Russo; Dec. 22.  


■ Johnny Shields and Brigette Burgin; Dec. 23.  


■ Christopher Golden and Alexis Bishop; Dec. 27.  


■ Jonathan Garcia and Mikail Eakin; Dec. 27.  


■ Michael Hargrove and Chikita Johnson; Dec. 28.  


■ Bryan Williams and Tanya Langford; Dec. 29.  


■ Jalen Douglas and Shabreka Williams; Dec. 29.  


■ Wesley Swain and Kathryn Beck; Dec. 30.  


■ David Enlow and Logan Mitchell; Dec. 30.  


■ Webb Price and Anna Smith; Dec. 30.  


■ Jeremy Blanton and Candace Reich; Dec. 30.  


■ Larry Bond and Karen Bond; Dec. 30.  






■ Terri Hill Davis and William Christopher Yale Davis 


■ Shannon Nickoles Carley and Bradley Carley Steven 


■ Allison Young and Neville Parsons III 


■ Racheal Lee and Christopher Lee 


■ Joshua Connors and Amanda Mackay Connors 


■ Kristi Jones and Lareal Jones 


■ Stanley Douglas Pruitt and Pamela Denise Shepherd 


■ Shameka Shera Hayes Watkins and Antwan Ramone Watkins 


■ Marcus Jermaine Hoskins and Kytoyia Vereen Hoskins 


■ Donald Ray Prather and Angela Prather 


■ Katherine Mcnab Barham and Tommy Clay Barham Jr.  


■ Johnny Conner and Shirley Conner 


■ Matthew Culpepper and Kimberly Culpepper 


■ Cicely Alyse Hopkins and Victor Harris 


■ Danielle S. Harris and Derek Dewayne Harris 


■ Amber Nicole Evans and Tadeusz James Evans 


■ Louise Bailey Fisher and Aaron Carson Fisher 


■ Emily Gray and Chad Gray 


■ Laderrial Hunter and Lakesha D. Hunter




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