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Mississippi advances 'Urine Trouble' law to ban fake urine


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JACKSON -- Mississippi lawmakers want to stop people from using fake urine to defeat drug tests by passing the "Urine Trouble" bill. 


Amid titters and bad puns, the state House on Tuesday voted 113-2 to advance House Bill 1080, which bans the sale of fake urine. The bill moves to the Senate for more debate. 


Greenville Democrat Rep. Willie Bailey brandished a package of liquid that he said sells for $17. He says the product comes with instructions on microwaving it to bring it to body temperature. 


The Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers is pushing the bill. Director Dan Gibson says phony urine is a safety concern because drug tests should accurately reveal if workers have consumed dangerous chemicals. 


States including Arkansas, Indiana, Louisiana, New Hampshire and Oklahoma have banned synthetic urine.




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