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Building permits 2-8-18




City of Columbus 


January 22, 2018 -- January 29, 2018  


■ Sylvester Clark; 118 Airline Rd; Repairs; Same 


■ Columbus Lowndes Riverwalk; 50 West Main Street; Banners; CCVB 


■ Allegro Medical Clinic; 3600 Bluecutt Rd; Alterations (2nd Floor); Commercial Construction, LLC 


■ Red Roof Inn; 510 Highway 45 N; Sign; Mid-South Signs 


■ B.H Properties; 2408-2430 College Street; demolish 12 houses; same 


■ James Mitchell; 1711 fourth Ave. S.; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Jean Page; 214 Summerhaven; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Jerry Fortenberry; 79 Deer Run; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Jay Nail; 410 sixth Ave. S.; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Al Bangian; 1725 Forest Hill Dr.; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Carol Hensley; 810 Fir St.; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Rhett Realty; 2221 fifth St. N.; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Kenneth Saucier; 807 Skylark; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Chance Laws; 200 fourth Ave. S.; reroofing; Doug Wheeler Roofing 


■ Robert Lancaster; 618 College St.; reroofing; same 


■ John Poros; 1823 Seminole Rd.; remodeling kitchen; Ray Livingston 


■ Kerr McGee; 2900 14th Ave N.; new electrical services; Rob Malone 


■ Emma Hunter; 1209 15th Ave. N.; new electrical services; Joseph Harris 


■ Ora Dankins; 1620 10th Ave. N. new electrical service; Joseph Harris 


■ John Line; 111 Florence St.; new electrical services; Buddy Easley 


■ Allegro Medical Clinic; 3600 Bluecutt Rd.; electrical addition; Daniel Nugent 


■ AT &T; 2005 Hwy 45 N; electrical inspection; Michael Kelly 


■ McCarty Realty; 2604 Sixth Ave N.; gas inspection; Harold Pounders 


■ Robert Smith; 712 Seventh Ave. S.; gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Robert Smith; 311 12th Ave. S.; gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Robert Smith; 807 Seventh Ave. S.; gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Pam Robertson; 628 Eighth St. N.; gas inspection; Leon Tabor.  


■ Robert Smith; 805 Sixth St. S.; gas inspection; Kenny Pollard 


■ Cannon Baptist Church; 2425 Bell Ave.; plumbing inspection; Kenny Pollard 


■ Dan Pope; 2203; Washington Ave.; gas inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Brandon Wood; 122 S. McCrary Rd.; new mechanical; advanced air 


■ Chunky Chuck; 3189 Hwy 45 N, Suite G; vent-a-hood; Chris Patterson 




City of Starkville 


January 2018 


■ Mastec Network Solutions; 314 East Main Street; AT&T upgrade to existing telecommunications tower.  


■ Burns Dirt Construction; 705 University Dr. Demolition - Commercial 


■ Russell Street Flats; Banner Permit; 290 Russell St. 


■ Starkville Farm Toy Show; 15 Day Banner; 405 Lynn Ln. 


■ Jackson Hewitt Tax Service; 15 Day Banner; 821 Highway 12 W. Suite B 


■ Jackson Hewitt Tax Service; 15 Day Banner; 1010 Highway 12 W.  


■ The Belle and Beau (Blaine); Banner - 90 Day; 220 East Main Street 


■ Mary Ann Richards and Kathleen Raye; Liza Tye and Company; 434 Highway 12 W. 


■ Bernette Clayborn; Insurance Company; 1404 Fire Station Rd. Ste 2 


■ Physicians and Surgeons Clinic; Physicians and Surgeons Clinic; 100 Brandon Rd. 


■ Wan; Dawg Wash (East); 1307 Stark Rd.; Car wash and pet wash 


■ Wan; Dawg Wash (South); 1190 Louisville St.; Car wash and pet wash 


■ Kim Johnson; Underground Urban; 317 MLK Drive Ste 225; Urban clothing store CO inspection  


■ Kim Moreland; Mitchell Eye Clinic; 450 Highway 12 West Ste D; Adding interior walls 


■ Rena D. Williams; Beauty School; 119 DL Conner Dr.; Adding water heater and shampoo bowls 


■ Danny Jones; Helical Piers; 401 East Williamsburg Dr.; Install 8 helical piers  


■ Jones Designers and Builders; Edward Jones Branch Office; 100 Russell St. Ste 4; Re-lay walls for office 


■ Ed Belk; Aunt Marti's Bakery Remodel; 100 Russell Ste 2; Remodel - join ste 2 and ste 3 


■ Kevin and Ying mei Yang; Asian Market Expansion; 210 Highway 12 West Ste B; Tearing down walls and joining suites 


■ Cory Anthony; Commercial Alteration; 210 Highway 12 Ste F; Electrical, flooring, sheetrock repair, paint 


■ Dustin Carmichael; 434 Highway 12 W.; Adding receptacles in building 


■ AAA Plumbing and Electric; Gas Inspection 1040 North Montgomery Apt O Gas inspection for ATMOS 


■ Physicians and Surgeons Clinic; Gas Inspection; 100 Brandon Rd.; Renovating OB/GYN office  


■ Dennis Long; Camelot Gas Inspection; Apt N 1040 North Montgomery Apt N; Gas inspection for ATMOS 


■ Bobby Calhoun; Electrical Permit; 100 Brandon Rd. Ste A; Minor electrical alterations 


■ Live Wire; Electrical Permit; 100 Russell Ste 2; Seperate services 


■ John Peeples; Starkville Cafe Electrical Work; 211 East Main St.; Relocation of two 200 amp load center and a 600 amp service 


■ Eddie Peasant; Erosion Control; Lot 340; Clearing lot for construction of new single-family residence 


■ BS Development LLC Request for Public Hearing - Final Plat; Foley Drive; Amended to include 6 additional lots 


■ Mike Frayser; 4 Lakes Blvd; Excavate underfootings, pour pilings, back fill 


■ Grady Mitchner; Bathroom Addition; 509 Sycamore St. 


■ Livewire; Electrical Repair; 203 Edgewood; Panel upgrade 


■ Jeffery Hunt; Electrical; 615 McKee Ave; Meter set 


■ Michael Williams; Change of Service; 508 Evergreen St.; Change electrical panel from 100 amp to 200 amp 


■ Mike Thrasher Construction; Electrical; 407 South Montgomery St.; Change fuse panel to new breaker box and add a few new outlets 


■ Kenny Wilson; Change of Service; 509 Sycamore St.; Replace service and panel 


■ Matthew Little; Electrical Repair; 205 South Nash; Replace service 


■ Donett Russell; The Pines 172; 1000 Louisville Street Lot 172; Electrical work for mobile home hook-up 


■ Hunt Repair and Remodeling; Electrical Permit; 214 Yeates St.; Panel box upgrade from 100 amp to 200 amp 


■ Crabtree Maintenance; Gas Inspection; 305 North Jackson St.; Gas inspection for ATMOS 


■ Chesteen Properties Gas Inspection; 530 MLK Drive; Gas test for ATMOS 


■ Dan Camp Family Real Estate LLC; Gas Inspection; 207-B Lumus Drive; Replace regulator on meter 


■ Dennis Deal; Gas Inspection; 120 1/2 Jackson St.; Gas inspection for ATMOS 


■ Doughty General Construction LLC; New Single-Family Home; 48 Adelaide Blvd; New residential (single-family) 


■ Charles E. Morgan Construction Co.; Carpenter Place; 100 Edwin Ave; New residential construction 


■ Donett Russell; The Pines 172; 1000 Louisville Street Lot 172; Plumbing updates for mobile home 


■ Jeremiah Ward; 300 Sand Road; Rezoning Request: R5 to R6 


■ Cambridge Franchise/Burger King; Burger King Signs; 409 Highway 12 E.; Installation of new Burger King signs 


■ B.A. Balton Sign Co.; Wendy's - New Logo Design Faces; 100 Highway 12 W. 


■ B.A. Balton Sign Co.; Wendy's Logo Wall Sign - Right Elevation; 100 Highway 12 W. 


■ B.A. Balton Sign Co.; Wendy's Logo Wall Sign - Front Elevation; 100 Highway 12 W. 


■ Econo Signs; Starkville Storage Sign App; 207 Eudora Welty 


■ 550 Russell Excavation Permit Alteration; 550 Russell St. 


■ Martin Bagwell Luke P.C.; Zoning Verification; 205 Lynn Lane; Zoning Verification Letter - 205 Lynn Lane




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