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Columbus building permits 2-15-18


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


Jan. 30-Feb. 12 


■ Allegro Medical Clinic; 3600 Bluecutt Rd. (2nd Floor); Redirect Mechanical; Commercial Construction 


■ Louise Jordan; 116 McHall Dr.; Gas Inspection; Dale Brewer 


■ Jacqueline Diccio; 620 10th St. N.; Gas Inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ James Cunningham; 610 22nd Street North, Apt. B; Gas Inspection; Leon Tabor 


■ Baptist Medical Center; 2528 Fifth St. N.; Gas Inspection; Brislin, Incorp. 


■ Bill Walker; 160 Brickerton Road; Gas Inspection; Rob Malone 


■ VIP; 74 Azalea Dr.; Electrical Inspection; George Beavers 


■ Ralph Null; 409 ninth St. S.; Electrical Addition; Gordon Via 


■ Pat Alexander; 820 Third Ave. S., Apt. 3; Electrical Inspection; Gordon Via 


■ Joe Jamison; 103 19th St. S; Electrical Inspection; Buddy Easley 


■ Smith Landscaping; 325 Seventh Ave. N.; New Electrical; George Beavers 


■ Chunky Chuck Ice Cream; 3189 Highway 45 N.; Suite G; sign; Same 


■ Burks Mordecai Building; 585 Island Rd.; Addition to Shed; Same 


■ Auto Zone; 1509 Highway 45 N.; Reroofing; Royalty Companies 


■ Curtis Moore; 107 Lee St.; Reroofing; Excellent Roofing 


■ Annunciation Catholic Church; 823 Third Ave. S.; Demolish House; Donnie Schippel 


■ Annunciation Catholic Church; 208 Ninth St. S.; Demolish House; Donnie Schippel 


■ Murray Squires ; 703 Sylvan Rd.; Repairs after Fire; RDI Corporation 


■ Randy Randle; 822 17th Street North; Enclosed Front Porch; Same 


■ Ethel Hatton; 1718 Seventh Ave. N.; Electrical inspection; Paul Livingston 


■ JTB; 1402 Waterworks Rd; new electrical service; Rob Malone 


■ Riverdale Apartment; 300 Holly Hills Rd, Apt. 109; new electrical services; George Beavers. 


■ Anthony and Shirley Thompson; 1506 12th Ave. N.; electrical inspection; owner. 


■ Willie Mae Richardson; 1123 Sixth Ave. N; new electrical services; Buddy Easley 


■ Alan and Kelly Brewer; 548 Ridge Rd; electrical inspection; Mark Thompson. 


■ Ehtel Hatton; 1718, Seventh Ave. N.; gas inspection; Harold Pounders. 


■ Alan Smith; 1506 16th Ave. N.; new plumbing and gas; J.C. Evans 


■ Brickyard Properties; 160 Brickerton Rd.; gas inspection; Bill Kidder 


■ Allegro Medical Center; 3600 Bluecutt Rd.; gas inspection; James McCoy 


■ Joann Gore; 703 Gaywood Ave. N.; gas inspection; Dale Brewer 


■ Alan and Kitty Brewer; 548 Ridge rd.; new plumbing; Ralph Shaw 


■ Michele Williams; 212 Byrnes Circle; gas inspection; Leon Tabor.




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