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State cracking down on uninsured motorists


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Mississippi Highway Patrol officers soon will have a high-tech method of checking motorists'' insurance coverage, state Insurance Commissioner Mike Cheney announced during a Friday meeting of the National Association of Insurance Finance Advisors. 


"I''ve heard people say that about 25 percent of drivers in Mississippi don''t have liability insurance," Cheney said as he spoke at the Columbus Country Club. "In reality, I would say it''s about half of the state." 


Although a state law for several years has required all motorists to carry liability insurance on their vehicles, Mississippi lawmakers have never addressed the method for checking drivers'' insurance coverage, Cheney explained.  


"Soon, I will be pushing for a computer system the Highway Patrol can use to check all drivers'' insurance coverage in a fraction of a second," Cheney said. "Once they have this system, they can type in a license tag number, and the system will immediately tell them if the driver has insurance or not." 


The system will be linked to a national database in Arizona, and could be in use by this summer, Cheney said.  


"We will launch a pilot program in June or July, and Lowndes County will definitely be included in that," Cheney said. "Not only will it aid the Highway Patrol in enforcing the law, it will also help to lower insurance rates for drivers.  


"It will also help to ensure that fewer people in the state are hit by uninsured drivers," Cheney added. "That will help to address a major source of complaints to my office."




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Reader Comments

Article Comment wb neidig commented at 3/16/2009 2:33:00 PM:

Why don't they just have to show proof of insurance, when they register there vehicle.


Article Comment Harold commented at 3/16/2009 3:30:00 PM:

Good deal, it should also be tied to the drivers license, if you let the Ins. expire the dept. of motor veh. will be notified and your license will be suspended also.


Article Comment nuffrespect commented at 3/17/2009 10:49:00 AM:

You could have a bond for the same amount of the insurance coverage. Save thousands and its legal! You do not have to have insurance but you must be covered. The insurance lobby gives kickbacks to the elected officials for their support.


Article Comment Gary Cameron commented at 3/19/2009 7:41:00 AM:

This is something that is needed. We should not have to pay for someone else that does not want to pay for their insurance. Our legislators need to get busy and do something about this.


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