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Columbus puts Annexation on hold


Kristin Mamrack



The Columbus City Council Monday agreed to postpone further consideration of annexing any areas into Columbus until the city''s budget for next year is completed. 


Consultant Chris Watson, of Oxford-based Bridge and Watson, advised the council to annex in phases, instead of all at once, after considering the city''s finances. 


Watson Monday met with city officials to discuss the costs associated with annexing seven areas under consideration, including a recently added area west of the city, which is comprised of areas north of Highway 82 and west of the intersections of Highways 45 and 82 to Burkhalter Rigging on Highway 45 South. 


The seventh area -- with a population of less than 300 -- mainly is a commercial and industrial mix and vacant land. 


Watson noted to annex the seventh area would cost the city about $1,132.796 a year. 


To annex all seven areas under consideration would cost the city about $1.49 million a year. 


But the city''s current general fund balance only is $4.5 million and the city, should annexation occur, would also be expected to prove "the city has the financial ability to support the costs of annexation," as well as provide city services, including police and fire protection, to annexed areas, Watson said. 


"If this thing were to go forward, some deals have to be in place," he added, referring to donations of land for annexation and alternate funding sources. "For this thing to work, there has got to be some participation from other entities or a tax increase." 


A phased approach to annexation also would allow the city to potentially restrict areas of annexation to more limited, commercial areas, Watson concluded. 


The council earlier advised Watson to study annexing areas east of Columbus, north of Columbus, along Highway 45 North and small areas south of Columbus. 


Additionally, Watson was asked to analyze the possibility of annexing the property on Highway 373 on which a new middle school has been located, and the property, near the Columbus Riverwalk, where Ruben''s Fish House currently is located. 


Watson also studied the possibility of annexing Columbus Air Force Base, "from right-to-way to right-of-way" and not nearby residential areas. 


Once a decision is made to annex any areas, "several months" could pass before the city''s first court hearing on annexation, Watson earlier explained. 


If uncontested, services like police and fire protection, would begin immediately for annexed areas, once annexation is approved, but the city would have five years for major improvements. 


The city''s budget process for the next fiscal year must be completed and a budget adopted by Sept. 15, said the city''s chief administrative officer, David Armstrong.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment td commented at 8/10/2010 9:36:00 PM:

The city is struggling financially. There is a simple solution - and it's not annexation. Cut property taxes!

Get people to want to live in the city (rather than in New Hope or Caledonia). Fix the streets (especially in Caty Hills). Fix the drainage (like on Main St). Stop the crime (everywhere). But for heaven's sake -- don't annex. That's only going to compound the problem!


Article Comment doj commented at 8/10/2010 10:50:00 PM:

Annex the airbase??? Run a 200' strip five miles out in the county to the base? For what? You can't tax it. It's Federal land and untaxable. You might pick up at most 1,000 voters, most of whom wouldn't care enough to vote in our elections anyway, and it might mess up the racial ratio. Is the airbase going to be a separate ward? And don't count on extra federal dollars for population increase from a federal government that is already broke. Get real! The current city is falling apart and you want to annex more. Cut your expenses. Learn to live within your income.


Article Comment mayodemango commented at 8/11/2010 10:52:00 AM:

It was written that "deals" have to be in place for this planned annexation to go forward. Since when is land donations a "deal" and how does it prosper the city. If land is donated to the city, the city ownes it and cannot levy taxes on it. What am I missing?? Is this just another land grab?? Too, what this about "participation" from other entities. What is meant by participation and by WHAT entities?


Article Comment roscoe p. coltrain commented at 8/11/2010 12:37:00 PM:

It's just as well the whole thing is on hold. This city can't even chew the mouthful it has now... there's no sense in shoving another bite in.

Annex... oh please.


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