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Dogs attack again in Oktibbeha


Tim Pratt



Less than three weeks after a pack of dogs killed five calves off Oktoc Road, the same group of dogs is suspected of killing a goat and injuring two others Thursday night in the Chapel Hill community.  


According to Oktibbeha County Sheriff Dolph Bryan, a couple reported three dogs had just attacked their goats Thursday night off Chapel Hill Road, leaving one dead and two others injured. One dog appeared to be a pit bull and one appeared to be a beagle, but the couple could not determine the breed of the third dog, Bryan said. 


Sheriff''s Department deputies have spent the past two days combing the area around Chapel Hill Road in search of the animals, Bryan said. He suspects the same three dogs were involved in the July 25 attacks at Mactoc Farm, which left five calves dead and more than a half-dozen injured.  


"Although on the road there''s a good bit of distance between the two places, if you cut through the woods, it''s not too far apart," Bryan said. "It sounds like (the attacks) could be connected."  


"I''ve got my men on it trying to find them," he added. "If we don''t get something done about these dogs, we''re going to have them attacking a person. It''s a bad situation. We''re going to talk to a lot of people. Somebody out there has to know who these dogs belong to." 


Outside Starkville city limits, Oktibbeha County has no leash laws or vicious dog laws. The county doesn''t have an animal control officer either, so Sheriff''s Department deputies sometimes take wild dogs to the county animal shelter. 


Bryan urges county residents to contact the Sheriff''s Department if they see the dogs and not take the law into their own hands unless the dogs present a threat.  


"The dog has got to be doing something more than just walking across your property for you to shoot it or harm it, but if it''s endangering you or your livestock or your property, you can take deadly force to stop it," Bryan said. 


The dogs'' owners could be held liable for damages to livestock and other property if the victims choose to take civil action, Bryan said. 


Anyone with information on the dog attacks can contact the Oktibbeha County Sheriff''s Department at 662-338-1088.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment haiku commented at 8/15/2010 8:53:00 AM:

They have no owners,
A wild pack of demon spawn,
They murder livestock.


Article Comment jls commented at 8/15/2010 9:30:00 AM:

I thought that Oktibbeha county was supposed to be a more progressive place than some..... the fact that there are NO vicious dog laws in place for the county, outside of Starkville, is incredibly shortsighted and irresponsible!!!


Article Comment kj commented at 8/15/2010 12:51:00 PM:

The third dog is a basset hound.


Article Comment mscc commented at 8/15/2010 7:45:00 PM:

haha im assuming the basset hound comment is a joke. I dont think i like "vicious dog laws" though, in my opinion if there is an owner they should be held financially responsible or have the dog taken away if it is continuously "getting out". But most vicious dog laws overreach and even if the "victim" is trespassing and is bit by someones dog the dog ends up being put down, there have even been cases when the dog was on a leash, in its yard, with a warning sign, and a trespasser went up to tease the dog and naturally (and i think deservingly) got bit and the dog was put down. Frankly if someone is on my property when they arent supposed to be I want my dog to guard my house, and me for that matter, i mean that is why some people have dogs to begin with...for protection.


Article Comment stormy commented at 8/17/2010 6:34:00 AM:

and the farmers can not go "hunting" as you would if a fox or wolf was killing your livestock? God forbid, a child or even adult will be their next kill. I love and care for my animals (yes dogs), but they are in my control at all times or in my house, even though they are very large. I say the men in that community need to have a hunting day or days and if you have a dog that you love you best have him/her put safely away, who knows these other dogs may go after them.


Article Comment mscc commented at 8/17/2010 6:19:00 PM:

oh i didnt mean that if a vicious dog came onto your property that you shouldnt be allowed to shoot it, sorry if it came off that way. All i meant was many laws like that need to be revised so that your dog, on your own property, cannot be taken away and put down bc a trespasser got bit. If a dog is threatening you, or anything around you when you are either in public or on your private property, i completely agree you should have all rights to shoot the thing.


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