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Board gets bids, OKs contractor


Ryan Poe



The Lowndes County Board of Supervisors voted in a closed executive session Friday to reject the lowest of three bids to replace eight county air conditioner units. 


Supervisors approved the $165,000 bid by Columbus-based Brislin Inc. instead of the $147,805 bid by Aberdeen-based Progressive Heating and Cooling.  


Although Progressive''s bid was lower by $17,195, supervisors decided to use Brislin based on a letter from engineering firm Corbett Legg & Associates that questioned Progressive''s business practices, said Board President and District 1 Supervisor Harry Sanders. 


CLA, of Tupelo, was hired by the county to evaluate the bids, as required by state law. 


In a letter to the county, CLA Senior Mechanical Engineer Andrew Walker said his company had "issues" with Progressive on two small projects this year. 


Progressive, he wrote, did not follow the plans and did not provide the necessary labor force to complete the projects. 


Brislin is expected to finish replacing seven air conditioner units in the jail and one in the courthouse in October. 


Supervisors also received bids on the Aurora waterline extension at an industrial park by the Golden Triangle airport. The county is extending the waterline to prepare for future expansion in the area, Sanders said. 


PermaCorp, of Columbus, had the lowest bid of $113,070.25, which is $4,633.50 less than the $117,703.75 bid of Louisville-based 4-D Construction, Inc. 


The board will review the five contractors and make a decision at their meeting next month.




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