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Details emerge in fatal wreck




The Mississippi Highway Patrol released new details today about an accident which claimed the lives of two Mississippi State University students. 


Bradley Gibson and Lyndsi Hill were both killed after a Sunday afternoon traffic accident in Leake County.  


According to the accident report from the Mississippi Highway Patrol, around 3:10 p.m., Gibson, Hill and another passenger -- Jonathan Chandler -- were headed north on Highway 25 in a 1999 Toyota when a 1996 Dodge pick-up, driven by Derrick Moss, 18, of Pulaski, pulled out from Red Dog Road, in front of the car. 


The impact threw all three passengers out of the small car, according to the MHP. Gibson, Hill and Chandler were all taken to Leake Memorial Hospital in Carthage. Gibson and Chandler were then airlifted to University Medical Center in Jackson. 


Gibson died from injuries sustained from the accident at 6:10 p.m.; Hill died the next morning at 8:40, according to MHP Capt. Billy Mayes of the Highway Patrol''s District 6 office in Meridian. Official causes of death are unknown. Chandler was transported by private vehicle to UMC for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. 


The sudden death of Gibson and Hill has brought about the prayers and kind words of friends, which -- if the memorial page already established on the social networking site Facebook is any indication -- the two had in spades. 


"Bradley was a cool guy and a good friend," Andrew Johnson said via e-mail, responding to a Facebook invitation from The Dispatch to send in comments about Gibson and Hill.  


Cassidy Prescott, also in an e-mail, admits she didn''t know Gibson or Hill well, but during the few times she spent time with the two, a deep impression was made. 


"Lyndsi was a very beautiful girl and had one of those laughs that made everyone else laugh with her," Prescott wrote. "Brad was lots of fun to be around; he always had a funny story to tell or could make you laugh about anything. They will both be greatly missed and this world has lost two very great people." 


Three other juvenile passengers were riding with Moss at the time of the accident, said Mayes. All four were taken for treatment to Leake Memorial and were released the same day. 


Misdemeanor charges could be presented against Moss, he noted; heavier charges are not likely. 


Neither drugs nor alcohol are thought to be contributing factors in the accident. 


Funeral arrangements for Hill are incomplete and will be handled by Lowndes Funeral Home in Columbus. Arrangements for Gibson will be handled by Chancellor Funeral Home in Byram and also are incomplete.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Allison commented at 3/24/2009 1:57:00 PM:

Your article states, Gibson and Chandler were airlifted to UMC in Jackson, which is WRONG , it was Gibson and Hill. One paragraph down you state that Chandler was transfered by private vehicle, which is true. Please Correct this and proof-read next time. Thanks


Article Comment Brenda commented at 3/25/2009 9:29:00 AM:

The kid that pulled out in front of them should be charged with manslaughter. Of course, he won't be. I think that the law should APPLY to ALL people. I don't understand why people can't wait, you don't pull out in front of traffic. In reality where ever he was in a hurry to go he was still late.


Article Comment sc commented at 3/25/2009 9:42:00 AM:

This is a terrible accident however Brenda it was an accident. No drugs or alcohol were involved according to the MHP therefore manslaughter charges are unwarranted.


Article Comment jcf commented at 3/25/2009 8:55:00 PM:

I continue to read about kids getting killed in car accidents, being ejected from their vehicle because they didn't "buckle up". They do save lives even tho the young think its not cool to ware them...WARE THEM ANYWAY AND LIVE LONGER! God speed to the three young people.


Article Comment leeanne commented at 3/26/2009 11:02:00 AM:

You WEAR seatbelts. You don't WARE them. Two people were lost in this accident and you have no idea if a seatbelt would have saved their lives or not so why try to make it sound like they are at fault for their demise? This is a sensative time for all that were involved and you should think be more thoughtful with your words.


Article Comment Fred commented at 3/31/2009 5:30:00 PM:

@Allison - It doesn't matter. You sound like a teenie-bopper


Article Comment tp commented at 3/31/2009 9:12:00 PM:

Two families lost their children and the least that someone can do is talk about if they were wearing seat belts or not. The other child who hit them could be hurt, not in a physical way but mentaly he killed two people so before someone passes judgement on the next person it is important to show compassion because I'm sure each one of us would like that as well.
God Bless


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