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Convicted killer attacks Oktibbeha sheriff


Willie Manning

Willie Manning


Sheriff Dolph Bryan

Sheriff Dolph Bryan



Tim Pratt



A man convicted of killing four people in the early 1990s attacked Oktibbeha County Sheriff Dolph Bryan and a jailer Wednesday in the Oktibbeha County Courthouse annex. 


Both Bryan and Jail Administrator Jimmy Vaughn were treated at OCH Regional Medical Center for minor injuries after Willie "Fly" Manning became combative outside a holding cell in the building on West Main Street, Bryan said. 


Bryan had just testified against Manning at a hearing and was in his office in the back of the courthouse when he heard a commotion in the hallway, he recalled Thursday. The sheriff stepped into the hallway and encountered Manning, who was refusing Mississippi Department of Corrections officers'' orders to enter the holding cell until he received a cushion on which to sit, Bryan said.  


"He was causing such a disturbance that I walked outside and told (the MDOC officers) to put him in the cell," Bryan said. "He wouldn''t go in, so I grabbed his arm and said, ''Come on, Willie,'' and the fight was on." 


According to Bryan, Manning attacked him, then the pair, along with Vaughn, engaged in a brief struggle. Manning already was "pretty well secured," Bryan said, so the situation was under control within seconds and Manning was placed in the cell.  


Still, Bryan was treated at OCH Regional Medical Center for injuries to his arm and leg, while Vaughn suffered injuries to his hand, Bryan said. 


Manning, who already is on death row for four capital murder convictions, could be charged with assault on law enforcement officers, Bryan said.  


"He hasn''t been charged yet, but since he''s already on death row, we''re not in a big hurry," Bryan said. "It will be up to the (district attorney) whether we move forward with the charges or not." 


Manning was convicted of capital murder for the 1992 shooting deaths of Mississippi State University students Jon Steckler and Tiffany Miller along the side of Pat Station Road. Manning also was convicted of capital murder for the deaths of Emmoline Jimmerson and Alberta Jordan in 1993 at Brookville Gardens. The women were beaten and their throats had been slashed.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment dm commented at 1/14/2011 10:23:00 AM:

Why do we continue to hold people like these in jails for years and years? The guy killed four people, and now he attacks some cops over a cushion. Execute him already and quit wasting our money on this thug.


Article Comment usarover commented at 1/14/2011 11:11:00 AM:

they should have shot hit right there.

he was resisting and turned violent.....done. end of the ridiculous saga of letting the murder live on our dime.


Article Comment bubu1234 commented at 1/14/2011 6:41:00 PM:

This man has been convicted, but he is not necessarily guilty. How is this man, who surely is in shackels and handcuffs, able to hurt these two men like this? Did this man receive any injuries? Why wasn't anything said about that? People need to sit back and take a look at the bigger picture. What is really going on in this town?


Article Comment toquinn55 commented at 10/9/2011 4:02:00 PM:

I agree with bubu1234. I have kept up with this story and let me say that there is something really wrong with this case. I believe there is a lot that has not been told about it. We do need to attend some of these trials and pay attention. I shudder to think or believe that I know what is going on in this county.


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