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Property owner compares Seventh Avenue North to ‘Bourbon Street’


Neal Wagner



Sections of the Friendly City may be drawing the "wrong kind of attention," according to a Columbus resident and apartment owner. 


"I never thought I would hear people saying that Columbus is getting to be like Jackson or Memphis, but that''s what we''re getting," Dennis Long, owner of an apartment complex near the intersection of Seventh Avenue and 16th Street North, said during a Tuesday night Columbus City Council meeting.  


"I''ve tried to invest in this area, but it''s gotten to the point where I''m afraid to go to my own apartment complex," Long added. "I just can''t keep tenants in them -- not decent ones anyway." 


Long likened the area to the "Bourbon Street of Columbus" on Friday and Saturday nights, saying the street often is lined with cars and "juke joint and nightclub" patrons who "yell, cuss people out, break beer bottles in the (apartment complex) parking lot" and perform other disruptive actions. 


Although Long works in the Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle emergency room and claimed to have seen several stab victims transported to the hospital from the Seventh Avenue North area, Columbus Police Chief Joseph St. John said he would have to gather further information to be able to "fully assess the situation." 


"I talked with Mr. Long after the meeting last night, and I gave him my cell phone number. Hopefully, he will call me today so we can sit down and get specifics on the situation," St. John said this morning. "He was definitely passionate about what''s happening over there, but I don''t think he was able to give us all the specifics in the five minutes he had to talk to the council last night. 


"I''ll be blunt with you; we do have concerns and pay special attention to all of the areas with nightclubs," St. John added, noting Tuesday was not the first time he had received complaints about Seventh Avenue North. "I kind of have to walk a fine line until I get more facts on what''s going on over there. I don''t want to act like it''s out of control and I don''t want to act like nothing''s going on over there." 


Although St. John this morning was unable to determine how many suspects officers recently had arrested on Seventh Avenue North, Tuesday night he said officers had responded to "some assaults in that area." 


"I think people who live around the nightclubs on Seventh Avenue North have had a little bit more of a problem with people hanging out around the clubs than maybe some of the other areas with nightclubs," St. John said. "I think a lot of the problem stems from people who are hanging outside around the clubs." 


Among the nightclubs in the area are Legends and Everyday Club. 


Because some tenants in Long''s apartments have moved out because of safety concerns, the apartment owner urged city officials to take action quickly.  


"I would be ashamed to sit up there knowing stuff like this exists right here in the city limits," Long said as he pointed to the council. "I''m just hoping that you will all sit down and discuss this problem. It''s not just my problem; it''s the city''s problem too." 


The council took no action on the matter, but St. John plans to further discuss Long''s concerns and address the problem from there. 


St. John this morning said he would have a "better idea of how to correct the problem" once he talked at length with Long. 


"We just want to make sure we have all our ducks in a line before we decide our course of action," St. John said. "We''ll get to the bottom of it, but we have to figure out exactly what we''re dealing with first." 


In other business, the board: 


n Unanimously approved design work to be done on two intersections along Military and Bluecutt roads. 


Engineers over the next few weeks will study the intersection of Military Road and Bluecutt Road and the intersection of Bluecutt Road and Seventh Street North to determine the best way to rework the intersections and accommodate the possible future widening of Bluecutt Road. 


After engineers complete the study, they will present their findings and a cost analysis to the City Council.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment Mike McCullough commented at 4/8/2009 2:31:00 PM:

I'm not even living there and know what's happening. The police Dept. knows too,what a joke. Let's make sure we are being politically correct, don't want to step on toes or invade the rights of some people...Well there are rights for all and common sense and courtesy should be looked at here.(Common Sense seems to have been thrown out the window when it comes to some rulings by "Politicans" and law inforcement now days.) There is nothing wrong with "Night Clubs", use to go to them myself... The Southernaire, Str8 Jr, etc... Some of you know where they were. Why should a night club be in the middle of a residential area? I don't blame Mr. Long for being angry about these happenings. The first place I would look at is..Who are the owners and or property owners of these "In tha City" establishments? That might be a clue to why the people that are supposed to be keeping the peace are turning their heads the other way. I'm sure there are more citizens that would step forward and express their concerns also, but are afraid to do so. What is happening to our society that so many people do not stand up for their rights as tax paying citizens anymore? FEAR??? I was taught years ago that F E A R stands for False Evidence Appearing Real... Stand UP for your rights! Congrats to Dennis Long for being a Man instead of a lamb. Perhaps some of the Police force can follow in his footsteps.


Article Comment County person commented at 4/8/2009 3:40:00 PM:

We have had the SAME problen in the county. I know how the people who live and lived there feel. There was a bar 2 doors from our house. There was NO peace in our neighborhood. People using the bathroom OUTSIDE. fighting, yelling, and playing their music loud. The Sheriff Department was called there all the time. You could not listen to your tv or sleep. Some decent people live in our neighborhood. Then we have our dopeheads. In fact we have even had people from the bar show up at OUR DOOR. The bar is CLOSED for NOW. Thank you Lowndes County Sheriff Department!!! We have our neighborhood back again. You can also.


Article Comment Used to live in Columbus commented at 4/9/2009 2:23:00 PM:

This is not the first article I've read where the "police cheif" has said 'I don't want to over or under react'. Wouldn't it be better to over react in some situations....I don't know, like THIS ONE! Columbus is steady going down hill. You need someone in "power" that actually cares!


Article Comment Ellen commented at 4/9/2009 4:54:00 PM:

Wish we had Chief Sanders back, I don't believe he was an alcoholic and he didn't give in to the City Council. Of course they ran him off because he stood up to them.


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