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Smoking ban proposed for all Miss. public places


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JACKSON - Health advocates are renewing their push for a bill to ban smoking in all enclosed public places in Mississippi, including restaurants and casinos. 




Their efforts have been unsuccessful the past several years, and some lawmakers still say they don''t want to tell businesses what to do on private property. 




During a hearing Wednesday, Terry F. Pechacek of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told lawmakers that the 2010 surgeon general''s report said there''s no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke. 




Mike Cashion, director of the Mississippi Hospitality and Restaurant Association, says customers should get to choose whether to eat at restaurants that allow smoking.




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Reader Comments

Article Comment jonymor commented at 1/20/2011 3:54:00 PM:

We have heard the same reasons against a smoking ban in each of the 25 states that have approved a ban, and they have all proved to be untrue. The smoking ban has increased business in all the establishments that the naysayers said would suffer.


Article Comment generalsn commented at 1/21/2011 7:29:00 AM:

since the bans are so good for business, it should expire after one year since it will no longer be needed.


Article Comment commonsenseincolumbus commented at 1/21/2011 9:58:00 AM:

So you think people will be "cured" of wanting to smoke in public after a year? What does a smoking ban hurt? Nothing. What does a smoking ban achieve? A lot.


Article Comment homer commented at 1/21/2011 12:32:00 PM:

A no smoking ban in ALL public places is a good idea as more people
tend not to smoke now than do and most smokers could care less about
a non smoker. 2nd hand smoke is also deadly. Columbus should lead the way or at least join the train and pass a smoking ban in all public places. Resturants, lounges, or where-ever.


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