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Building permits 12-10-15

Posted 12/10/2015 in Business



Marriages and divorces 12-9-15

Posted 12/10/2015 in Business


AP Poll: Republicans wary of immigration from Middle East

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

With his call for blocking Muslims from entering the United States, Donald Trump may be tapping into deep concern among Republican voters about allowing Middle Eastern immigrants into the country, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.


Investments continue to produce dividends for Lowndes

Posted 12/9/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

It won't be the windfall the county enjoyed last year, but the Lowndes County Reserve and Trust Fund should again turn a profit the county can put to use for 2016 projects.


Lowndes sees 38 percent rise in insurance premiums

Posted 12/9/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A number of large claims will mean a major spike in insurance premiums for Lowndes County, according to Ralph Billingsley, the county administrator.

Gunfire rings out in north Columbus

Posted 12/9/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Officers from the Columbus Police Department responded to a call about gunfire in north Columbus Tuesday.

Bryant talks Syrian refugees

Posted 12/9/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

One of Phil Bryant's top priorities is keeping Mississippians safe.

BankTEL systems announces TheBiz

Posted 12/9/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus-based BankTEL systems announced the creation of TheBiz on Tuesday afternoon.

Mills steps away from Holloway case

Posted 12/9/2015 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

Justice Court Judge Jim Mills on Tuesday recused from the simple assault by threat case against Starkville-Oktibbeha Consolidated School Superintendent Lewis Holloway.


Cochran backs Bush's 2016 presidential campaign

Posted 12/9/2015 in State

The Republican chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee is endorsing Jeb Bush for president.



Outdated education law up for major makeover in Senate

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

The way the nation's public schools are evaluated -- teachers, students and the schools themselves -- is in store for a major makeover, with a sweeping shift from federal to state control over school accountability and student testing.



Syrian refugees resettled in resistant Texas, Indiana

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

Syrian families have been settled in Texas and in Indiana, the groups helping them said Tuesday, defying efforts by the conservative states' governors to stop their arrival.



Legal experts agree: Trump's proposal unconstitutional

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

Donald Trump's call to block all Muslims from entering the United States is not only unconstitutional, but also impossible to carry out, legal experts said Tuesday.



FDA clears cold cap to save hair during breast cancer chemo

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

Hair loss is one of the most despised side effects of chemotherapy, and now breast cancer patients are getting a new way to try to save their locks.



US life expectancy flat for third straight year at almost 79

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

Life expectancy in the United States has stalled for three straight years, the government announced Wednesday.



House tightens controls on visa-free travel to US

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

Driven by the Paris terror attacks, the House voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to tighten controls on travel to the U.S. and require visas for anyone who's been in Iraq or Syria in the previous five years.



California shooting shows difficulty in identifying attackers

Posted 12/9/2015 in National

By the time the married couple who carried out the deadly San Bernardino attack came to the attention of police, it was far too late.



Food industry pushing halt to GMO labeling by end of year

Posted 12/9/2015 in Business

Food companies are mounting an aggressive year-end push to head off mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.


County says 'No' to The Pony, will now likely face lawsuit

Posted 12/8/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Lowndes County supervisors voted 3-2 Monday to deny an exemption to its nightclub ordinance to the owner of The Pony, a strip club located near the intersection of Highway 82 and Highway 45 Alternate.

Area gas prices may fall more

Posted 12/8/2015 in Area

It might feel a bit like 2009 for motorists filling up in Mississippi.


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