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Senate to hold one more vote on Iran nuclear deal

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

Senate Republicans will try a second time today to move ahead on a resolution rejecting the Iran nuclear deal.



GOP tax plans benefit rich despite populist campaign talk

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

Jeb Bush went to Detroit and talked about leveling the playing field. Marco Rubio wrote a book about helping the working class. Rand Paul is promising to expand the Republican Party beyond its traditional base.


Sanders courts Christian conservative students

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

In an unlikely appearance at a prominent Christian university, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Monday the "massive injustice" of income and wealth inequality should unite people across the political spectrum.

Trump: 'It's disgusting what's happening to our country'

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is renewing his campaign against illegal immigration, telling a cheering crowd of thousands in Dallas that "it's disgusting what's happening to our country."


Under the Capitol dome: Wright wants higher bar third-grade reading test

Posted 9/15/2015 in State

State Superintendent of Education Carey Wright wants to move the goalposts on third-grade literacy, requiring students to score significantly higher to advance to fourth grade.



Hunting show host charged with poaching in Alaska

Posted 9/15/2015 in State

The host of the Sportsman Channel hunting show "The Syndicate" was charged Monday with two felonies related to poaching in northwest Alaska.



Religious clerks in Kentucky follow law, but see conflict

Posted 9/15/2015 in National

Clerk Mike Johnston prays twice a day, once each morning and once each night, and asks the Lord to understand the decision he made to license same-sex marriage.



Got a $100 million tax bill? Your check is no good at IRS

Posted 9/15/2015 in Business

No checks, please. Starting next year, your check won't be any good at the IRS -- if you're making a tax payment of $100 million or more.


EMCC enrollment up this year

Posted 9/14/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Enrollment has fallen at Mississippi's 15 community colleges for the fifth year in a row, as an improving economy continues to push down the number of students.

Salvation Army to take 'Angel Tree' applications

Posted 9/14/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Salvation Army will accept applications for Christmas assistance next week.

Photo: Highway 45 wreck

Posted 9/14/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Two accidents within a few hundred yards of each other backed up traffic this morning along Highway 45 North, north of Columbus.

City tight-lipped about judge applicants

Posted 9/14/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Columbus City Council is slated to discuss on Tuesday the potential hire of a municipal judge, but city officials have refused to identify what candidates they are considering.


Kentucky clerk case divides religious liberty advocates

Posted 9/14/2015 in National

Kentucky clerk Kim Davis has become a hero to many conservative Christians who see her refusal to issue marriage licenses after the Supreme Court effectively legalized same-sex marriage as a litmus test for religious liberty in an increasingly secular culture.



GOP leaders face difficult battle to avert shutdown

Posted 9/14/2015 in National

No government shutdown this year, Republican congressional leaders say. But with Congress, it's never easy.


Trump embraces role as bully, bids Perry a thorny farewell

Posted 9/14/2015 in National

A growing divide has emerged in the Republican Party's unruly presidential contest, as the race bid farewell to a once-powerful White House contender.

Challenging Clinton, Sanders seeks black support in South

Posted 9/14/2015 in National

The Bernie Sanders phenomenon has been driven almost entirely by white supporters.

GOP candidate Walker proposes vast union restrictions

Posted 9/14/2015 in National

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker today will call for sweeping restrictions on organized labor in the U.S., seeking to replicate nationwide his successful effort as Wisconsin's governor to curb the power of unions.


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