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Higher water, sewer bills in West Point

Posted 7/6/2015 in Area

Water and sewer bills will be increasing for residents in West Point on Oct. 1. City leaders approved the increases last week.


Palmer Home works to free modern slaves

Posted 7/4/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

When people think of modern day slavery or human trafficking, they often think of women from distant countries being smuggled into port cities.

Lowndes Co.: A long road to a license

Posted 7/4/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The first same-sex marriage license in the Golden Triangle was issued Wednesday.


Court legalizes same-sex marriage, but what about local churches?

Posted 7/4/2015 in Area

Same-sex marriage is now the law of the land, but that holds no bearing on individual religious institutions -- they can marry whom they choose within their walls.


Gov. Bryant receives human trafficking task force report

Posted 7/4/2015 in State

The fastest growing criminal industry does not involve illegal weapons or drugs. It involves the sale of human beings, and it's happening in Mississippi.


Tuition up this fall at 9 Miss. community colleges

Posted 7/4/2015 in State

Nine of Mississippi's 15 community and junior colleges will raise charges on students this fall, with the average price of tuition and fees rising by 4 percent statewide.



2 charged in hair-raising thefts from Greenwood beauty shop

Posted 7/4/2015 in State

Two people have been charged with the theft of $6,700 worth of hair extensions and other items from a Greenwood beauty shop.



Government faces burden in proving airlines worked together

Posted 7/4/2015 in Business

As the Justice Department launches an investigation into possible collusion in the airline industry, experts say the government faces the burden of proving that carriers were deliberately signaling business decisions to each other.



Heaven scent: Finding may help restore fragrance to roses

Posted 7/4/2015 in National

Shakespeare said a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.



Forgiveness of Charleston church shooter prompts discussion

Posted 7/4/2015 in National

Under an outdoor tent a few blocks from Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, Sharon Simmons paused while cleaning up from the previous night's revival to ponder the idea of forgiving the white man accused of killing nine of the historic black church's members, including the pastor.



Pope to Christians: Put aside divisions amid persecution

Posted 7/4/2015 in National

Pope Francis appealed on Friday to faithful from all Christian churches to put divisions aside and concentrate on what unites them amid the persecution and slaying of Christians in parts of the world.


Bubba Watson to remove Confederate flag from 'General Lee'

Posted 7/4/2015 in National

Bubba Watson says he's painting over the Confederate flag on his car made popular in "The Dukes of Hazzard" television series.

Watermelons coming, but slow going

Posted 7/3/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Every year, the Gilmer family of Caledonia circles July 4th on the calendar.

A busy Fourth of July weekend

Posted 7/3/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Fourth of July is here and Columbus residents looking to get out and celebrate have several events to choose from.

Photo: Decked out for the Fourth of July

Posted 7/3/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Annabelle Brislin, 3, rides her new blue bike at the Columbus Riverwalk with her mom, Amber Brislin, and their dog, Buster, Wednesday.

BP to pay record $18.7 billion to states affected by spill

Posted 7/3/2015 in State

More than five years after the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history fouled beaches, coated seabirds in thick goo and threatened delicate marshes, BP has agreed to pay a record settlement to affected states in hopes of bringing an end to a legal drama that has cost the company billions.

Marijuana plant seized from Starkville man's porch

A Starkville man faces a drug charge after police seized a marijuana plant growing on his residence's porch.

Flags stir intense emotions, but meaning depends on beholder

Posted 7/3/2015 in National

Raised by firefighters from the smoking wreckage of the World Trade Center, a flag telegraphed both anguish and resolve. Planted atop a mountain on Iwo Jima, another piece of national cloth came to symbolize collective perseverance and conquest.


Head of rights group: Confederate emblems 'treason'

Posted 7/3/2015 in State

The national president of a civil-rights group says Confederate symbols represent "treason" and should be removed from public objects, including the Mississippi state flag.



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