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Downtown business owner disputes city's claims

Posted 8/8/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

A Columbus Realtor is disputing claims that she allowed work on her downtown building without a proper permit from the city. On Monday, the back brick wall at 421 Main St. collapsed, injuring Ann Davis, who suffered a broken arm and broken ribs.

Back to school: Mixture of excitement, nerves for new Columbus students

Posted 8/8/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Nerves and jitters were on the menu Thursday morning as pre-K and kindergarten students started their first day of school in the Columbus Municipal School District.

First Yokohama phase on schedule for fall 2015

Posted 8/8/2014 in Area

Construction is on schedule for the new Yokohama Tire Company plant in West Point to begin operations in roughly 14 months.

Taxis to transport students home from bars

The Mississippi State University Student Association-funded Night Route, a transportation system that moves students from campus to various Starkville bars and restaurants, will transition to a taxi-based system that takes riders home from some venues, MSUSA President Brett Harris confirmed during his group's budget presentation to aldermen Tuesday.


Business group grades area legislators

Posted 8/8/2014 in Area

Three state legislators from the Golden Triangle have been an awarded "A" gradings by the Business and Industry Political Education Committee.


Miss. consumer spending grows slowest in nation

Posted 8/8/2014 in State

Overall consumer spending grew more slowly in Mississippi than in any other state in 2012, reflecting the state's slow recovery from the recession.


Embezzlement charges dropped against state rep.

Posted 8/8/2014 in State

Mississippi's attorney general has dropped criminal embezzlement charges against Republican state Rep. Brian Aldridge because of the death of a key witness.



MSU President Keenum elected as vice chairman

Mississippi State University President Mark E. Keenum was elected by his fellow directors as vice chairman of the 15-member board of the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research (FFAR) at the group's inaugural meeting on Aug. 7.


Monkeys take 'selfies,' copyright dispute ensues from camera owner

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

Monkey see, monkey do. But when a monkey takes a selfie, who owns the copyright?


Groups fight deposit delay for abuse victims

Posted 8/8/2014 in State

Water utilities said Tuesday that the Mississippi Public Service Commission doesn't have the power to force them to allow victims of domestic abuse to hook up utilities without immediately paying deposits.


Bad bite: A tick can make you allergic to red meat

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

A bug can turn you into a vegetarian, or at least make you swear off red meat.


Man guilty of murder in Michigan porch shooting

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

A suburban Detroit man who insisted he killed an unarmed woman on his porch in self-defense was convicted of second-degree murder Thursday after the jury rejected his tearful claim that he fired through a screen door in the wee hours because he feared his life was at risk.


Beef production pollutes more than pork, poultry, study says

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

Raising beef for the American dinner table does far more damage to the environment than producing pork, poultry, eggs or dairy, a new study says.


Poultry firms: Russia ban has little impact

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

Poultry producers say Russia's decision to ban imported U.S. meat won't lead to a glut of the product because other countries are clamoring for inexpensive meat.



Obama threatens airstrikes on militants in Iraq

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

Declaring that "America is coming to help," President Barack Obama is authorizing U.S. airstrikes if necessary and airdrops of humanitarian aid in northern Iraq to counter advancing Islamic militants and the threat they pose to Americans as well as Iraqi civilians.



Nixon's back! (At least on Twitter)

Posted 8/8/2014 in National

If you believe the media reports, Richard Nixon suffered a stroke in 1994 and died days later at age 81. He is buried in his native Yorba Linda, California, silent as the country marks the 40th anniversary of his resignation.


GTRA's growth good omen for local economy

Posted 8/7/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Golden Triangle Regional Airport created $272.5 million in economic activity in 2012. Regional airports through the state produce $2.5 billion in economic activity, according to a report made by the Mississippi Department of Transportation.


City faces $500K budget shortfall

Posted 8/7/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The city will likely have to dip into its reserve fund to balance next year's budget. City councilmen held a special meeting for the second time in as many weeks Wednesday to discuss and revise the budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year.


Mayor votes himself a $10K raise

Posted 8/7/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Columbus Mayor Robert Smith has given himself a $10,000 pay raise. During a budget meeting for the upcoming fiscal year, Smith broke a 3-3 city council tie and gave himself the raise.


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