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Jury selected in case of slain Clarksdale candidate

Posted 3/10/2015 in State

Trial began Monday for a man accused of killing Clarksdale mayoral candidate Marco McMillian in 2013.



Cancer is in remission for teen forced to undergo chemo

Posted 3/10/2015 in National

A 17-year-old Connecticut girl who was forced to undergo chemotherapy by the state after she and her mother refused treatment is happy her cancer is in remission but still upset she had no choice in the matter.



Raccoon's freedom costs San Francisco carpenter his job

Posted 3/10/2015 in National

A carpenter has been fired for freeing a raccoon that had been trapped by exterminators at the San Francisco construction site where he worked.


Baby improving after 14 hours in overturned car in icy river

Posted 3/10/2015 in National

Police responding to a report from a fisherman about an overturned car in an icy Utah river were stunned to discover an 18-month-old girl dangling in a car seat inside, unconscious but alive.

New blog showcases Miss. sights

Posted 3/9/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Mississippi State University employee Matt Warren has embarked on a new project: taking high dynamic range (HDR) photos of the state.

West Point artist's work redefines city's appearance

Posted 3/9/2015 in Area

Many murals now adorn Main Street West Point buildings, thanks to Deborah Mansfield.

Ongoing drug investigation yields charges

Three Starkville residents face drug-related charges as Starkville Police Department and county law enforcement continue cracking down on offenders.

Arrest follows Starkville stabbing

A Thursday stabbing in Starkville injured one person and led to the arrest of another.

Analysis: Tax cuts winning versus increasing state services

Posted 3/9/2015 in State

The next time Mississippi lawmakers say the state can't afford something, don't believe them.


Extent of Obama's executive reach often in eye of beholder

Posted 3/9/2015 in National

When it comes to President Barack Obama exerting presidential powers, Republicans have made it clear they want to keep him in check. Except when they don't.



Value of presidential polls? Not much, and not for a while

Posted 3/9/2015 in National

Wondering who's up and who's down in the 2016 presidential race? Go for a run, tend the garden, clean the closet, remove the lint from the dryer, and then do it all over again because it's going to be a long time before the polls will tell us much about who's likely to be our next president.



Hamilton High School to host blood drive

Posted 3/9/2015 in Area

Hamilton High School and United Blood Services will team up for a March 19 blood drive at the school's campus.


Two local candidates seek U.S. House seat

Posted 3/7/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Two Columbus residents have announced their intent to run for Mississippi's vacant seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In an old gym, something new

Posted 3/7/2015 in Area

If you build it, they will come.

CRA targets Burns Bottom

Posted 3/7/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Columbus Redevelopment Authority is making its first big push for a project to revitalize city neighborhoods.

Heiselt to lead Starkville school board into consolidation

The Starkville School District Board of Trustees unanimously named Eric Heiselt school board president for the year.

Safe Haven plans domestic abuse intervention program

Posted 3/7/2015 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Safe Haven, an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Columbus, plans to implement a Domestic Abuse Intervention Program.


Divided GOP empowers Democrats in political minority

Posted 3/7/2015 in National

Winners in a bruising struggle with Republicans over homeland security funding and immigration, minority Democrats had unity on their side, along with a politician's understandable fear of terrorist attacks and the Constitution's separation of powers.


Selma civil rights milestone marked by first black president

Posted 3/7/2015 in National

America's racial history "still casts its long shadow upon us," the nation's first black president said Saturday as he stood in solidarity and remembrance with civil rights activists whose beatings by police a half-century ago galvanized people against racial oppression and hastened passage of historic voting rights for minorities.


State wants $290K seized in raid on suspected drug operation

Posted 3/7/2015 in State

The state Bureau of Narcotics is seeking to overturn a judge's ruling that its seizure of cash and other items during a drug bust in 2013 was illegal because the search warrant failed to include a description of the place to be searched.



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