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Advice to Democrats: Don't say 'recovery'

Posted 4/18/2014 in National

Election-year memo to Democratic candidates: Don't talk about the economic recovery. It's a political loser.



Vice principal saved from Korea ferry found hanged

Posted 4/18/2014 in National

Police say a high school vice principal who had been rescued from a sinking South Korean ferry has been found hanging from a tree.



Man homesick for prison gets 3 year sentence

Posted 4/18/2014 in National

An ex-con who spent most of his adult life behind bars on Thursday got what he said he wanted for robbing a suburban Chicago bank. The 74-year-old gets to go back to the place he called home -- prison.



Tiny power plants promising for nuclear energy

Posted 4/18/2014 in National

Small underground nuclear power plants that could be cheaper to build than their behemoth counterparts may herald the future for an energy industry under intense scrutiny since the Fukushima disaster, the incoming head of the Nuclear Energy Agency told The Associated Press.



Salmonella decline seen in food poisoning report

Posted 4/18/2014 in National

The government's latest report card on food poisoning shows a dip in salmonella cases but an increase in illnesses from bacteria in raw shellfish.



Obama: 8M signed up for health care

Posted 4/18/2014 in National

Eight million people have signed up for health care through new insurance exchanges and the proportion of younger applicants has increased, President Barack Obama said Thursday. The enrollments exceeded expectations and offered new hope to Democrats who are defending the law ahead of the midterm elections.


Leaders approve speed curbing measures

Posted 4/17/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

County and city leaders are taking measures to increase safety and reduce speed on roads near churches and residential areas.

Lowndes Schools addressing reading woes

Posted 4/17/2014 in Columbus & Lowndes County

The Lowndes County School District is taking steps to ensure that every child is reading on his or her grade level.

West Point sales tax returns up nearly $100K

Posted 4/17/2014 in Area

Sales tax revenue in West Point was up significantly in February compared to that month last year, while Columbus and Starkville revenues were slightly down.


One person interviewed in hit-and-run investigation

Posted 4/17/2014 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

Investigators have identified and interviewed at least one person of interest who may be connected to Sunday's hit-and-run fatality on U.S. Highway 82 but had not made any arrests as of Wednesday, a Mississippi Highway Patrol spokesperson confirmed.


Suspect shot Friday in alleged home invasion

Posted 4/17/2014 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

Oktibbeha County deputies are searching for two home invasion suspects after a third was shot at University Hills Trailer Park Friday.

Circuit judge shuts down Club Rock

Posted 4/17/2014 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

A circuit court judge on Friday temporarily closed Club Rock after the Oktibbeha County Sheriff's Department, through an affidavit seeking a temporary restraining order, said it received credible information that a retaliatory shooting "has been planned and is ready to be carried out" at the nightclub.

Browning on Business: New restaurants open in Columbus, Starkville

Posted 4/17/2014 in Business

A new sandwich place opened Monday in Columbus.

Nettleton officer kills man who allegedly shot two others dead

Posted 4/17/2014 in State

A verbal argument inside a vehicle Wednesday ended with three people dead, two of them brothers, in the center of a small northeast Mississippi town.


Marriages and divorces 4-17-14

Posted 4/17/2014 in Business



Dress codes: Where should schools set limits?

Posted 4/17/2014 in National

They're called leggings -- popular fashion items that are tight-fitting pants to some, and glorified tights to others.



Building permits 4-17-14

Posted 4/17/2014 in Business


Man who was homesick for prison to be sentenced

Posted 4/17/2014 in National

Walter Unbehaun has spent nearly all of his adult life behind bars, so it's not surprising that he faces sentencing Thursday for yet another crime, a bank robbery last year. His reason for robbing the bank is surprising, though: He was homesick for prison.


Robber was never told to report to prison

Posted 4/17/2014 in National

After he was convicted of armed robbery in 2000, Cornealious Anderson was sentenced to 13 years behind bars and told to await instructions on when and where to report to prison. But those instructions never came.


Defend 'Obamacare' unabashedly, some Democrats say

Posted 4/17/2014 in National

With enrollments higher than expected, and costs lower, some Democrats say it's time to stop hiding from the president's health care overhaul, even in this year's toughest Senate elections.


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